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Spotify Introduces New Features, Tools To Users



Spotify Introduces New Features, Tools To Users

Spotify’s Stream On event was held Thursday, 9th 2023. Content and video creators, music artists, songwriters, and podcasters from all over the world were in attendance to witness Spotify’s hands-on demonstrations of new tools and resources coming to the global creator platform and motivating stories.

In the course of the event, Spotify’s Founder and CEO Daniel EK gave a speech presentation. He said;

“Stream On is about all the ways we are bringing Spotify to life and letting creators at all stages of their careers know that we are open for business. We are focused on building the best home for them – a place where they can establish a career, thrive and grow and where the world can be inspired by their creativity,”

He went further to say; “And that’s what we’ve been doing for almost 17 years: building, improving, and reimagining this home to better meet creator needs and help them chart new pathways to success. As we look to the future, we are excited to expand that ambition to even more creators across new formats. We’re enabling more creativity, discovery, and personalization than ever before by providing the best resources, support, and interactivity..”

At the event, Spotify revealed a reimagined interface that supports new visuals, and a new and interactive design — both to drive profound and long-lasting connections between creator and listeners. This new experience will begin to roll out to its 500+ million monthly active users, below are the things you should expect in Nigeria:

1) Similarly to music, Spotify will now serve Autoplay for Podcasts — when a podcast ends, another episode will automatically start playing that suits the user’s taste and is relevant.

2) With Smart Shuffle, we’re introducing a new way to inject new music that perfectly complements an existing playlist with just the tap of a button.

3) Building on the success of podcast previews, creators can choose or have Spotify automatically generate Previews of their music and podcastsfor users to sample before they play or save.

Gustav Söderström, Spotify Co-President, and Chief Product & Technology Officer said; “Spotify recommendations drive close to half of all users’ streams. And when listeners decide to follow a creator, they listen to, on average, five times more of their music,” said.

He continued, “That’s why discoveries on Spotify—unlike many other platforms—give creators so much more than just a fleeting moment of viral fame. Those meaningful, long-term connections are a key part of what makes Spotify a platform for professional and aspiring artists.”

Assisting Content creators to build and grow their audiences with new and enhanced tools.

Spotify shows a suite of Spotify for Artists tools that help artists find the fans that will love their music the most. Also, Spotify shares more details on the next revenue line to help artists grow, in terms of live events and merchandise;

  • New Concert and Merch Discovery tools will help ensure that concert-goers never miss another show. Listeners will begin to see merch offers and concert listings in far more places across the app. If a show interests a fan, they can tap a new ‘interested’ button to save the listing to their own calendar in the Live Events Feed. Users can adjust their location and browse concerts worldwide, all personalized to their taste.
  • Spotify is also expanding its Fans First program to include more artists, ensuring top listeners receive emails and notifications that give them special access to concert pre-sales and merch exclusives.

Furthermore, Spotify announced the reveal of additional podcast features. Spotify for Podcastersnow brings together the best of Spotify’s podcast creator tools into a one-stop shop to create, manage, grow, and monetize podcast content.

Previously, Spotify’s most innovative features were limited to Anchor users only. However, the brand is building the new Spotify for Podcasters that aim to offer more open access to innovation. As a result, all Spotify for Podcasters users—including those not hosting their content on Spotify, will find access to Q&A and Poll functionality in their dashboards.

Fortunately, this feature is actively in use, when creators sign up or log in to Spotify for Podcasters, they will find a dashboard with everything they need to make, manage, and level up their show, including:

  • Interactive features like Q&A and Polls
  • The ability to upload and publish episodes (for users hosting their show with Spotify for Podcasters)
  • Advanced analytics to track a concert/show growth, like streaming numbers and audience demographic data

Spotify also expanded Spotify Originals and Exclusives

  • Spotify and DC Comics will launch a new podcast series The Riddler: Secrets in the Dark will be handled by Phantom 4 and filmmaker, novelist, and comic book writer David S. Goyer. Fans should expect all the beloved characters from the “Batman Unburied” series.

Spotify Founder & CEO Daniel Ek stated;

“Today, there are more than ten million creators on Spotify with over half a billion listeners across 184 countries and markets,”. “Think about the massive potential that represents for creators. No matter where you are on your own creative journey within music, podcasts, or audiobooks. The potential to reach half a billion people. And that reach is about to become more powerful with what we’ve introduced today.”

Assisting artists find success through streaming

Spotify unveiled its annual music royalties report, Loud & Clear. The update for this year shows that more artists are discovering success than ever before: the number of artists generating $1M+, as well as those generating $10,000+, has more than doubled over the past five years.

In addition, the company estimates that the 50,000th highest-earning artist on Spotify generated more than $50,000 across all recorded revenue sources. Spotify pays the vast majority of every dollar it generates for music—nearly 70 percent—back to the industry, and all-time Spotify payouts to music rights holders are approaching $40 billion dollars.

Embracing creators and artists “home” to Spotify

Immediately following the presentation, we opened the doors of our campus in Los Angeles’ Arts District to creators for its “Play On” event to demo new products, held workshops with top industry creators, and shared insider knowledge on how best to use Spotify from the people who helped develop the tools at the company. To close out the activities, we hosted an all-female showcase to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Spotify truly has a lot on its plate for artists, content, and video creators to dive into.

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Amapiano has spiked the Nigerian Music industry to the top of both national and International charts since 2020.

The top digital music streaming service, Spotify is hosting media and influencers from across the continent on an Amapiano Tourism experience in celebration of Amapiano. It aims to share the roots of the genre, the influence of collaborations and how streaming assists in exporting local music to the world.

This tour is in partnership with South African Tourism and begins withAmapiano 101– talks about the background and gives guests a ride of its origins in townships like Mamelodi but also exploring other popular Amapiano spots in Soweto. Guests from different countries like; Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and South Africa were in attendance.

Furthermore, theAmapiano Grooves segment was highlighted which exhibits the impact of clubs on music.

Managing Director for Spotify in Sub-Saharan Africa, Jocelyne Muhutu-Remy spoke on this; “Amapiano’s unique sound and infectious beats have captivated audiences around the world, and are sure to keep fans dancing for years to come. As more artists emerge and push the boundaries of the genre, there is no doubt that Amapiano is set to become a mainstay in the global music scene.”

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Below is the top exported Amapiano tracks on Spotify:

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  2. ‘Love & Loyalty’ – (Believe)
  3. ‘Ameno Amapiano’ Remix (You Wanna Bamba)
  4. ‘Big Flexa’
  5. ‘Hamba Wena’
  6. ‘WATAWI (feat. Davido, Focalistic & Abidoza)’
  7. ‘Abalele’
  8. ‘Mina Nawe’
  9. ‘Champion Sound’
  10. ‘Tanzania’

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  2. Kabza De Small
  3. Focalistic
  4. Young Stunna
  5. Mellow & Sleazy
  6. DBN Gogo
  7. Costa Titch
  8. Major League Djz
  9. Kamo Mphela
  10. Daliwonga

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