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Why Tinubu Is The Preferred Choice – Goodluck Johnathan’s Kinsmen



Tinubu Is A Betrayer, Says PDP

A group known as the Citizens Network For Peace and Development in Nigeria (CNPDN), which had earlier rooted for former President, Goodluck Jonathan’s participation in the 2023 election, has pledged its support for the flagbearer of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

Chief Francis Okereke Wainwei, serving as the national secretary of the group, who is the former president’s kinsman, hailing from Bayelsa State, emphasized the need of having a Nigerian president of Southern extraction

Wainwei, at a media parley at the weekend in Abuja, disclosed that Tinubu has the capacity to build the nation, and added that he is more politically experienced than his competitors.

“As patriotic citizens under the auspices of the Citizens Network For Peace and Development in Nigeria, we took it up as a burning need for us to be actively involved in the process leading to the election of Nigeria’s next president, who shall be taking over from President Muhammadu Buhari next year.

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“We consider it as very important and necessary because Nigeria needs a truly visionary, competent, and detribalized leader to enthrone a more united, peaceful, and prosperous nation. As patriotic citizens, we feel obliged to take some proactive measures to ensure that the right president is elected, come 2023 by providing proper information and guidance that will enable the electorate to elect the right candidate as president.

“We, therefore, took it upon ourselves to do thorough investigations, opinion sampling, and interviewing of major stakeholders from across the country to know the exact mood of the nation, to enable the electorate to make the right choice for the 2023 presidential election.

“We also took into consideration the declarations of both the APC Northern Governors’ forum and that of the Southern Nigeria Governors’ forum, with respect to which part of the country should produce the next president in 2023. Both groups declared that power should shift to Southern Nigeria for the purpose of promoting equity, justice, and fairness, which they argued would strengthen the unity of the country.

“After a forensic analysis of the declarations and opinions of various groups and stakeholders across the country, we also came to the conclusion that for the peace, unity, and progress of this country, a competent and experienced presidential candidate from Southern Nigeria is elected as president, come 2023. This is to strengthen the fragile unity we are experiencing at the moment, as a nation. It will appease some groups and individuals agitating against the political domination of others by any one part of the country.

“We went further to examine the capacity, competence, political experience, and nationwide acceptability of the presidential candidates from Southern Nigeria, and we discovered that Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress tops the other candidates.

“We hereby declare our total support for Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the APC Presidential candidate, as our preferred candidate for the office of President, Federal Republic of Nigeria, come 2023.

“We are, therefore, using this medium to also call on all patriotic Nigerians to support and vote massively for Bola Ahmed Tinubu as president in the 2023 presidential election, as that is in the best interest of Nigeria at the moment.

“Our choice of Bola Tinubu is strongly premised on his wealth of political experience, intellectual sagacity, a knack for identifying and recruiting competent people, and the capacity to mobilize human and material resources for the accelerated and holistic development of the country.

“We believe strongly that the next president of this country should be someone who firmly believes in the philosophy of “building the people, to build the nation “; he should be a people-oriented president.

“Tinubu fits perfectly for the kind of president Nigeria needs in the next dispensation He has the capacity and the wealth of political experience to re-enact the Lagos State magic in both the economic and political stability of this country. He is a national patriot and a detribalized leader that has the visionary mindset to build a prosperous, strong, peaceful, and united Nigeria,” the group national secretary stated.

Recall, earlier in the year, CNPDN, was among the first Southern Coalition to openly urge former President Jonathan to run for office on the platform of the APC.

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BREAKING: Jubilation As Adeleke Got Sworn In As Governor



Jubilation As Adeleke Got Sworn In As Governor

There was jubilation in the political landscape of Osun on Sunday, November 27, 2022, as Senator Ademola Adeleke was sworn in as the state governor.

The deputy governor, Prince Kola Adewusi, was sworn in moments before Adeleke took the oath of office at the Osogbo City Stadium, Osun.

More to follow…

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Peter Obi: The Odds Are Stacked Against Me



Peter Obi: The Odds Are Stacked Against Me

The Labour Party’s flagbearer, Peter Gregory Obi has acknowledged the high odds he faces in taking on the system.

He made this disclosure in a tweet after he visited Enugu State, charging the youths to take back their country.

“My message to Nigerian youths has been consistent: Take back your country. It is your future they are toiling with. We must Seize the Moment to Shape the Future. I will share with you four critical perspectives in this regard.

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“We are not unmindful of the odds stacked high against those who wish to take on the system; indeed, the attacks coming at us from all angles prove that we are up against well-entrenched interests.

“Nevertheless, we are encouraged especially by the passion and commitment that our young people are bringing to our ranks, and by their determination to take back their country and build for themselves the kind of nation they desire,” Peter Obi tweeted.

Peter Obi urges people who share a similar interest to join in his task, showing optimism about the outcome, saying he stands on the side of Truth and Justice.

He promises to end the evils that have plagued Nigeria.

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Oyetola Eyes Return As He Hands Over To Adeleke



Oyetola Eyes Return As He Hands Over To Adeleke

Gboyega Oyetola, the outgoing governor of Osun, has disclosed his desire to return to power, as he hands over to the state governor-elect Ademola Adeleke.

In a farewell message released, Oyetola said he would be stepping aside as a law-abiding citizen, adding that the outcome of the Osun governorship election that produced Ademola Adeleke was still being challenged in court.

Oyetola also said he looked forward to continuing governing Osun again, as he anticipated victory from the court.

The statement read: “My Dear Good People of Osun,

“As I step aside today (Sunday) following the conclusion of the four-year tenure you freely gave me, I thank God and I thank you for your support, cooperation and prayers over the years.

“I recall how the journey began four years ago; how by your belief in me and your conviction in the plans and programmes of our Party, you exercised your right to vote for me.

“Motivated by God’s promise, my conviction, we promised that we would serve you with steady heart and hands. We promised that we would hit the ground running once we assume office. We gave our words that we would put you first and run a people-centred government. We pledged to uphold the best ideals befitting of an Omoluabi.

“As we draw the curtain on this first tenure, we are convinced that we neither reneged on our promises nor disappointed you. We kept faith with you and maintained fidelity with our electoral promises. It was our wish to continue to serve you but we are constrained by the outcome of the July 16 governorship election which we are already challenging in court.

“As a law-abiding citizen and government, we are stepping aside to allow the law take its course.

“However, we look forward to continue to serve you in no distant future. We have absolute trust in God that we shall be back soon, as we have implicit trust and confidence in the judiciary to do justice in the case before it.

“We are confident that this period of temporary political eclipse shall pass. The sun shall shine again, brighter and warmer and the sustainable development and participatory governance that we enthroned, which have been applauded by local and international organisations, shall be restored and put on a surer and better footing.

“There can be no substitute to people-oriented and development savvy governance in a democracy. The tap roots of the unprecedented good governance, inclusive and participatory governance that we introduced, which delivered massive equitable projects and programmes are too strong to be uprooted.

“My Dear good people of Osun, I cannot thank you enough for not only supporting us throughout our tenure but for also standing by us even after the outcome of the July 16 election. Your goodwill encouraged us to continue with all our projects till the last day.

“Let me reiterate here that in this first tenure, we were able to take care of the fears and evil of fiscal indiscipline and lack of implementation, which hamper projects and services in the nation’s public service. This can be seen in the myriad of people-centred and masses-focused projects we delivered for the use of the people of the dtate in this first term.

“We proved that infrastructure and economic development are doable in a depressed economy and that stagnated development in a struggling economy is a product of intellectual laziness, dearth of creativity, shortage of innovation and lack of political will.

“The laudable and people-centred projects we were able to deliver include the feeding of 30,000 vulnerable persons in Osun on a monthly basis through the Osun Food Support Scheme and financial support for the aged and widows; opening up of the Mining sector that attracted big investors to the state; reforming of the educational sector, including the recruitment of 2,500 teachers; review of the single school uniform regime among others in line with the demand of the people; renovation of school buildings, distribution of educational materials to our pupils, provision of free education and free meals to them as well as training and re-training of our teachers to provide quality education for our children to enhance their performance as leaders of tomorrow.

“In order to increase access to quality and equitable education at all levels with a view to empowering Osun citizens to realise their full potential, we upgraded the existing Osun State College of Education, Ilesa to a full-fledged Iniversity of Ilesa, with a world-class funding strategies that would not exert unnecessary pressure on the finances of the state; fixing of the State Specialist Hospital, Asubiaro and equipping same with state-of-the-art equipment, where we constructed120-bed ward and 30 units of Doctor’s Quarters; rehabilitation of the Ejigbo and Ifetedo General Hospitals; we also instituted the Osun Health Insurance Scheme to deliver affordable healthcare to our workers while offering free health services to the vulnerable under the scheme; revitalisation of 332 Primary Health Centres – one per ward across the state.

“We constructed, reconstructed and rehabilitated rural and township roads to open up our rural areas, help our farmers to transport their produce to the market and generally bring equitable development to our state. Apart from the Olaiya Flyover, which is an architectural masterpiece, a paragon of aesthetics and a socioeconomic signature on the economic transformation captured by the Development Agenda we exchanged for the mandate of our people, other major roads that were touched by our administration are: Ada-Igbajo road, Osogbo-Kelebe-Iragbiji road, and Akindeko-Awosuru link road via Adejumo Street with Oremeji spur, Akinlade Street, Adewale Street with loop to WAEC road all in Osogbo; Army Barack (Ede)-Ara-Ejigbo township road, Moro-Yakoyo-Ipetumodu-Asipa-Ife/Ibadan Expressway Junction Road and Ereja Roundabout-Ereguru-Isaare-Oke Oye-Sabo (Irojo)-Ilesa/Akure Expressway Junction.

“Others are: Lawyer Atanda Road, Iwo; Ila-Arandun-Kwara Boundary Road; Nike Gallery – Ido – Osun Township airport with palace spur; Ikirun – Eko-Ende Road; the access road to Fountain University, Osogbo; Osogbo (Lameco)-Okinni-Ilobu – Ifon Osun Market with Spur to Olobu’s Palace; Osogbo/Ilobu-Akari-Erin Osun Roundabout on Osun LCDA Junction; Post Office-Ayetoro – Jamodo – Ifon Palace – Janta Ifon Osun; Isale-Asa-Oke Aree road, Iree, as well as Ikire township roads among other interventions. There are however a few other roads that are still on-going, while some are nearing completion. Among these roads are: Ife Township Roads; Inisa Road and Osogbo-Iwo Road among others. We did all these because fixing our State’s infrastructure deficit is a critical item on our Development Agenda. This is because no economy can truly succeed without adequate infrastructure to make life easy for residents and businesses.”

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