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5 Interesting things to know about the Gold king of Mali – Mansa Musa



Mansa Musa

Mansa Musa was a very successful king who built the reputation of the Mali kingdom. He was called ‘Mansa’ which means King and was the 9th king to rule Mali.

1) Mansa Musa started a pilgrimage tour called Hajj. He was accompanied by 60,000 men aside from retinues of 12,000 people. Each of these men carried a staff designed with gold, including 80 camels carrying 300 pounds of gold each.

This made Mansa Musa and Mali known all over the world.

2) Mansa Musa brought professional architects who created beautiful architectural designs in Mali. One of the architects, Ishaq El Teudjin, designed a mosque and a palace in Gao. He also designed the mosques at Timbuktu, named Djinguereber.  

3) The Gold king brought many Muslim Scholars to Mali and this made Islamic education grow in Mali, which birthed Universities, Libraries, and Mosques in Mali.

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4) He conquered other kingdoms like the Songhai empire. The Empire of Mali in the modern day covers; Senegal, Guinea, Mali, Gambia, Nigeria, Niger, Guinea, Burkina Faso, and Mauritania.

5) Mansa Musa was known to be the first Muslim Emperor to visit Mecca, which transformed Mali immensely. He ruled Mali for 25 years from 1312 to 1337 and he was preceded by Muhammad Ibn Qu.

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Canada to Remove All COVID-19 Border Measures



All remaining Covid border restrictions, including the requirement for traveler vaccinations, have been lifted, according to Canada.

Beginning on October 1st, travelers will also not be required to show documentation of their Covid vaccination, submit to any testing, or be isolated and quarantined.

There will be no longer be a mask requirement on trains and airplanes.

It will no longer be required to utilize the ArriveCan app to upload health records upon entering Canada.

The availability of Covid-19 vaccinations and treatment alternatives, said to federal health minister Jean-Yves Duclos, has helped Canada be in a far better position than it was early in the pandemic.

Another contributing cause is the nation’s high immunization rate, with almost 82% of the population having gotten two doses, as well as a declining death rate.

There are already 32 Canadians dying from the virus daily.

According to Mr. Duclos, Covid-19 cases are gradually increasing in Canada and there are indications of a rebound before autumn, but he stressed that this is “primarily explained by the domestic transmission of the virus.”

He stated that Ottawa is willing to reintroduce restrictions, particularly if a brand-new, highly contagious strain appears.

The US continues to require travelers to get certain vaccinations, and some US politicians have lobbied President Joe Biden to relax the remaining restrictions.

Earlier this year, entrance requirements for Covid were dropped by a number of nations, including the UK.

The “Freedom Convoy” protests in Ottawa against the Covid-19 mandates were organized in favor of truckers who refused to get immunized in order to cross the US-Canada border.

For two weeks in February, the Canadian capital was completely congested.

Supporters of the convoy also erected blockades at significant US-Canadian border crossings, obstructing the movement of commodities between the two nations.

After Prime Minister Justin Trudeau employed the hitherto unutilized Emergencies Act, which grants the government more authority during times of national emergency, the protests were eventually put to an end.

Early in September, the World Health Organization declared that Covid-19 mortality had reached their lowest point. However, experts have warned that the virus still poses a hazard, particularly if new varieties appear.

Despite the limitations being lifted, Mr. Duclos recommended individuals to receive booster shots and to keep donning masks in public.

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Do You Know Dying Is Illegal In These Countries?




Do You Know Dying Is Illegal In These Countries?

There is one thing in life that is irreversible and inevitable, it can’t be controlled, no matter how hard you push it, no one can run away from it, and that is Death.

Still, on the subject of death, are you aware that some countries in this world of ours believe being dead is illegal? Surprising right? Well, for them, they see death to be an issue.

Read on to find out which countries:

1)  Lanjarón, Spain

Death was made illegal by the mayor of Granada province in 1999. He enforced this because the local mortuary was overcrowded and would be hard for the departed souls to find peace in the afterlife. So, to avoid this from happening, the people of Granada province were advised to stay alive by observing healthy habits till a graveyard was found.

2) Itsukushima, Japan

Itsukushima also known as the ‘Shrine Island’ is a place dedicated to worshiping the gods, for them to maintain the holiness and sanctity of the shrine, birthing or death has been banned since 1978. Do you know that there are no cemeteries and hospitals in Itsukushima? Now you know.

3) Biritiba Mirim, Brazil

Death was forbidden in Biritiba Mirim because it was overcrowded and crypts were shared. The mayor passed this law in 2005 and residents that defied this law were jailed and fined.

4) Cugnaux, France

In 2007, the Mayor of Cugnaux enforced death being illegal after he wasn’t able to get permission to open a new cemetery.

5) Sarpourenx, France

The extremity of the ban on death is so much in this country that even thinking of it, is not allowed and attracts punishments. The mayor made this decree in 2008, forbidding the residents from dying unless they own a place for burial in the cemetery ground.

6) Longyearbyen, Norway

This part of the world has freezing temperatures because it is located close to the arctic circle. This temperature prevents corpses from decomposing, and as a result of this, it increases the spread of diseases among the residents. Dying and burying the dead is prohibited in Longyearbyen since 1950, though people who are almost kicking the bucket are taken to another area in Norway to live until their final day.

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4 Must-haves Travel Kits for Summer Vacation




Summer Vacation

Traveling is fun because it’s a time to unwind, explore and experience new, fresh things and places. Traveling is more fun especially if it’s ‘summer’ due to the long holiday and beautiful weather.

Well, before going on your trip, you need important things to carry along with you, to help you stay comfortable during your trip. Here are the must-have kits to help enjoy your summer vacation to its fullest.

1) First aid kit

Carry along with you a mini bag or box containing iodine, a small bottle of spirit, cotton wool, painkillers, bandages, and vitamin c.

Getting an injury during your vacation is an awful experience but accidents do occur. Having your first aid kit will make it less awful and stressful. We hope you don’t experience that but it is better to be prepared for it.

2) Body protection from the sun

Protecting your body from the sun is very important during your vacation to prevent sunburn.

Ensure you get a large hat, sunscreen, face cap, and sunglasses, to protect you from the sun and allow you to enjoy your vacation.

3) Get a camera

This is the most important thing to carry along with you when going on vacation. This lovely equipment captures your beautiful moments which serves as proof of your fun vacation.

Although your mobile phone can fill in the gap for capturing wonderful memories, you wouldn’t want to see storage full when you’re about to take a picture(s). It is advisable to get a good camera for your trip.

4) Water bottles

When exploring places in your vacation destination, you will be dehydrated because of the hot weather, so you need to have your water bottle with you to help you stay hydrated.

You can get a handy and portable water bottle that is easy to hang on your shoulder or wrist or even fit into your small bag for the ladies.

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