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Blazer 101: 5 ways to chic your blazer like a Nigerian lady




Blazers are the ‘go-to ‘ and lifesaver of every lady, it switches up a look from generic to elegant
and smart.
In this article, I will take you through stylish ways you can wear a blazer and look dashing. All
you need to do is to stay glued till the end of this article. Let’s get started:
Blazers are designed in different cuts, prints, patterns, and colors, when making your choice,
ensure to get the ones with basic styles so you’re able to combine and play around with them.
1) Blazer with shorts

Fashion has evolved in such a way that shorts can be infused into a dress set resulting in an
‘amazing’ appearance.
Blazer with a pair of short matches perfectly and can be worn for lunch or dinner date or even a party.

2) Blazer with a mini skirt

A skirt and a blazer have always been a balanced match but with the new trend of a blazer with
a mini skirt, that will be a banger to be ever recorded in the sand of time. Try it!

3) Patterned or Ankara blazer with no camisole

Whoosh! A patterned or an Ankara blazer showcases you like a beautiful work of art. Wearing
either of these blazers without a camisole gives you that sexy and chic look.
It’s perfect for a night party or clubbing.

4) Blazer with Pants

Wearing pants with a blazer is a comfortable and classic look that can be worn for almost every
occasion. Varying from a date, lunch or dinner party, and an office party.

5)Blazer as a gown

Surprised? Yes, blazers can be worn as a gown. To pull this off, ensure the cut and the print is
perfect to achieve that elegant and classic look. For once, do away with the skirts, pants, and
shorts and wear just your blazer. That’s a double blast for that look

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4 Quick and Popular Nigerian breakfast





Breakfast is the first meal eaten in the morning to avoid overeating or tendencies to consume unhealthy meals during the day.

Having breakfast helps to refill nutrients and energy in the body. Not having breakfast deprives the body of sufficient nutrients like; vitamins, fiber, and minerals, which are vital to keeping the body going.

However, preparing a delicious and healthy breakfast consumes time, especially when you are in a hurry to get to work, with other things in mind to tackle. But, there are quick and easy Nigerian meals you need to try that are not time-consuming to avoid, skipping breakfast. They are as follows:

1) Sandwich and Tea or coffee

This meal is the most popular breakfast in Nigeria. It is the go-to in every Nigerian family home that is loved by all.

The sandwich can consist of sausages, canned sardine, fresh tomato, bacon, and lettuce. Then, accompany your sandwich with either hot tea or coffee, then you are good to go.

2) Noodles and egg

This meal is another dish loved by everyone and had as breakfast. Noodles and eggs are a cheap, quick, easy, and convenient meal to prepare in the morning. Noodles can be served with boiled eggs or fried eggs.

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3) Pancakes

Pancakes are a quick meal to prepare without stress.

All you need for this dish is; flour, sugar, milk, water, vegetable oil for frying, fresh pepper, and onions(optional). The fun thing is the prep time is less than 30 mins.

4) Boiled plantain and eggs

This delicious dish is for plantain lovers. Plantain gives the body carbohydrates, the vital nutrient needed for the day’s work.

While eggs are a high source of protein that helps to repair body tissues and improve brain health. It is easy to prepare and takes about 20 minutes.

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