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5 fun places to spend your summer vacation in Lagos




Summer is here already and people are wrapping up their work and business to take a vacation but some people are not interested in spending their vacation outside the state or country due to some personal and external factors. However, life has to be enjoyed.

As a resident of Lagos, you’ll know that it is not just a city that is good for business purposes but also not devoid of tourist attractions.

Getting the perfect place to spend your vacation can be frustrating, but if you’re reading this article, then you’re in luck because I will be sharing the best places which you can pick from to spend your summer vacation in Lagos, Nigeria.

1) Ilashe beach house

A serene and beautiful beach house with fun activities like; surfing, kayaking, and boat riding. There are also pools and bars to spend some time alone or with that ‘sweet person. Its located in the Atlantic ocean off Badagry Creek.

2) Lakowe lakes Golf and country estate

The ambiance is lovely but it’s most appealing to golf lovers, so if you enjoy playing golf, you will love this place. There are available accommodation options, a spa, and a mental wellness center for perfect relaxation.

3) Bogobigiri House

Bogobigiri house is designed in an African luxurious way. This is well exhibited in their bamboo beds and open-air bathrooms within the suites.

Not to mention their restaurant called Orishirishi with their delicious Nigerian dishes that will certainly tantalize your tastebuds. If you want an African-filled vacation, then you should go to Bogobgiri House.

4) Sencillo Lagos

Sencillo Lagos is a beautiful exclusive 3-bedroom beachfront property in Ilashe, Lagos. It’s worth a place to spend your summer vacation. A boat ride from Victoria Island will get you to Sencillo.

5) La Manga Luxury Beach Villa

This is a popular and cool resort in Lagos. The resort has stunning structures accompanied by tall coconut trees, it showcases the wonders of the sea that will definitely make you appreciate and love nature. It’s the best place to spend time with your partner.

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Travel and Tourism

5 Interesting things to know about the Gold king of Mali – Mansa Musa




Mansa Musa

Mansa Musa was a very successful king who built the reputation of the Mali kingdom. He was called ‘Mansa’ which means King and was the 9th king to rule Mali.

1) Mansa Musa started a pilgrimage tour called Hajj. He was accompanied by 60,000 men aside from retinues of 12,000 people. Each of these men carried a staff designed with gold, including 80 camels carrying 300 pounds of gold each.

This made Mansa Musa and Mali known all over the world.

2) Mansa Musa brought professional architects who created beautiful architectural designs in Mali. One of the architects, Ishaq El Teudjin, designed a mosque and a palace in Gao. He also designed the mosques at Timbuktu, named Djinguereber.  

3) The Gold king brought many Muslim Scholars to Mali and this made Islamic education grow in Mali, which birthed Universities, Libraries, and Mosques in Mali.

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4) He conquered other kingdoms like the Songhai empire. The Empire of Mali in the modern day covers; Senegal, Guinea, Mali, Gambia, Nigeria, Niger, Guinea, Burkina Faso, and Mauritania.

5) Mansa Musa was known to be the first Muslim Emperor to visit Mecca, which transformed Mali immensely. He ruled Mali for 25 years from 1312 to 1337 and he was preceded by Muhammad Ibn Qu.

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Marshall Island: Remote Pacific nation struck by coronavirus outbreak



Coronavirus cases in the Marshall Islands have skyrocketed, only days after the tiny Pacific country reported its first local spread of the virus.

Total cases in the capital city of Majuro have almost doubled since last Friday, the BBC reports.

Authorities said about 75 per cent of tests across the nation – which is 5300 kilometres from eastern Australia – were showing positive results.

The Marshall Islands were among the Pacific countries which remained largely free of coronavirus cases in the early period of the global pandemic.

It recorded its first cases in October 2020 – among two returned travellers from the US.

At the start of this month, the Marshall Islands – which has a population of 59,000 – had been no community transmission of COVID-19. Seventy per cent of people have been vaccinated.

But early last week, the government declared a “state of health disaster” after the first person-to-person spread was confirmed. The response included shutting schools and introducing new public health rules but no lockdown.

The latest figures from the Marshall Islands showed 3,036 cumulative cases reported since October 2020.

Health Secretary Jack Niedenthal – who tested positive – urged anyone feeling seriously unwell to report their case as an emergency at a hospital.

The Marshall Islands is composed of 29 widely spread atolls. Local media has reported COVID-19 cases spreading from Majuro over the past week to other towns.

The government said it has received medical supplies from countries such as the US and more is on the way.

The Australian government has urged travellers to the Marshall Islands to “exercise a high degree of caution”.

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5 interesting things to know about the Oshun goddess




Oshun goddess

Oshun goddess is one of the most popular deities that reflects one of the manifestations of the Yoruba Supreme Being in the Ifá oral tradition and Yoruba -based religions of West Africa.

During her life on earth, she was a queen to King Shango of Oyo, the god of thunder. She is also connected to destiny and divination.

Below are 5 interesting things about the Oshun goddess:

1) One of the Oshun goddess statues in Osun state shows babies around her, it is believed that she possesses the power to give life and take life.

Expectant mothers go to her shrine yearly, seeking and praying for the fruit of the womb.

2) She is the goddess of divinity, femininity, fertility, beauty, and love. She is the spirit that protects the Oshun river. 

3) Oshun goddess has fervent worshippers till today by not Africans alone but also Non- Africans.

4) The most interesting thing to know is that the popular artist Beyonce, exhibited the Oshun goddess in her music video titled ‘Lemonade’. Beyonce depicted the color of Oshun, yellow by wearing a yellow dress and the opening scene shows her underwater, opening the door of a building, the water rises and flows with her down the staircase. 

5) Oshun goddess was one of the world’s creator

She was one of the 17 gods sent by Olodumare to create the world. When she came to earth, wearing her gold dress and jewelry, she populated and revived the earth with water.

Till today, her worshippers wear gold and yellow attires in festivals to honor her.

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