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6 Nigerian foods you can trust to give you a bigger butt




Some natural foods possess the nutrients you need to have that ‘banging’ big butt that you desire without doing surgery.

Having a well-shaped butt that looks beautiful in dresses and jeans has a way of boosting a lady or woman’s confidence.

However, not all women are blessed with it naturally, which is why some ladies or women opt for surgery or undergo intensive exercises.

So ladies, if you’re on a quest to have a round and bigger butt like Kim Kardashian, then you’re in the right place. The list contains foods that will assist in supplying your body with fat in your buttocks.

  • Chicken Chest or breast

Chicken is known to be one of the best sources of lean protein. Embark on eating chicken chest/breast at least 3 – 5 times a week. The incredible thing is, that it can be made in different ways; you can choose to eat it as chicken soup or chicken stew. Ensure you include it in your meal plan to get a big butt.

  • Oats

According to studies, oats contain complex carbohydrates that give the body energy without raising insulin levels.

Also, oats contain a small amount of fat that lowers the level of cholesterol in the body if it is high. Preferably, oatmeal should be eaten as breakfast (first thing in the morning) because of its health benefits which are necessary for butt enlargement.

  • Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are rich sources of antioxidants, magnesium, zinc, and fatty acids. These nutrients are necessary for perfect butt enlargement. Daily/consumption of 28grams of pumpkin seeds will definitely shape and increase the size of your booty.

 Additionally, pumpkin seeds contain 8.5 grams of protein content. So, if you want that dream butt, include these seeds in your diet.

  • Legumes

When conducting research for this article, I was surprised to find out that legumes(beans, lentils, peanuts, and peas) play a vital role in booty building, what! e shock you abi?

Legumes contain a high level of protein that help to boost the growth of glute muscles in your body. Including these legumes in your diet daily will certainly increase the size of your butt.

  • Eggs

This list won’t be complete if eggs aren’t included. Eggs are popular Nigerian food that is included in some Nigerian dishes.

Eggs are not just protein givers, they are also booty builders. Eating one medium-sized egg daily will build your glute muscles which are essential for rear side enhancement.

This booty builder contains phosphorus, selenium, vitamin B12, and riboflavin.

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Health & Wellness

4 Amazing Benefits Of Using Tomatoes On Your Skin




4 Amazing Benefits Of Using Tomatoes On Your Skin

Tomatoes are a popular vegetable that can be eaten and prepared and it’s also a great source of vitamin C, potassium, folate, and vitamin K.

Most times, the vegetable is used in making delicious dishes like; sauces, stew, salad, etc. Interestingly, tomatoes can also be used on the skin.

Are you in search of smooth, clear, and radiate skin? You should consider making tomatoes part of your skincare products. Here are the amazing benefits of tomatoes on your skin;

1) Tomatoes reduce oil on the skin

People with oily skin should apply it to their skin because it helps to maintain and balance the PH level of the skin, ensuring that the oil production in the body is in moderation.

2) It protects the skin from sunburn

The hot sun can harm your skin, especially if you’re on your journey of having radiate skin. Applying it to your skin prevents the sun from darkening your skin and in turn protects your skin from losing its nutrients.

3) Curbs blackheads

Blackheads can be found on the face and other parts of the body and it’s mostly caused by pimples and acne.

 To curb blackheads, rub tomatoes on the affected area and you’ll begin to see tremendous changes.

4) Tomatoes refresh the skin

Applying it to your skin gives your skin more radiance, life, and structure., as it contains vital protein for the skin which also prevents wrinkles, in turn, you will look younger and fresh.

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Health & Wellness

Men: 5 easy ways to start a conversation with your crush





Leaving a good impression on a lady after the first conversation determines your stance with her. Overcoming the barrier of starting a conversation isn’t easy but hey!, this is your crush and you want to impress her with your wit and charm.

In the pursuit of impression, it means your first impression has to be a good bang but you’re thinking, how do I go about this, here is how:

1) Drop a sweet compliment

Compliments shouldn’t be left out when talking to your crush for the first time. Ladies love when you flatter them and make them feel good about themselves. Say sweet and nice compliments about what you’re seeing, it could be her bag, shoes, smile, etc.

Please and please, be genuine in your compliments and don’t go overboard. Some ladies have the intuition to detect the ingenuine compliments (that’s a secret).

2) Introduce yourself to her

Meeting someone for the first time definitely leads you to introduce yourself. Begin by telling her your name, interest, your profession, etc. Doing this will make her feel comfortable with you and helps the conversation flow between both of you.

3) Ask about her day

Asking about her day lets her know you’re interested in knowing her. Do this in a kind and polite way, if she tells you it was a bad day, say things to make her laugh and spice up the conversation.

4) Enquire about her interest

Enquiring about her interest helps to build and spice up the conversation. You can have discussions on neutral topics like movies, food, hobbies, etc. While she’s sharing her interest, ensure you listen closely, so you’re able to take detailed information about her, and don’t get carried away.

5) Don’t overstay

No matter how the conversation is fun and engaging, leave before it dies down. Doing this gives you a high chance of getting her phone number and she accepts to go on a date or fun day with you. 

Applying all these, will get your crush to be your girlfriend. So, get going!

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3 shocking risks of wearing G-strings frequently





G-strings or thongs are lovely to wear because of how it shapes our body figure, have no panty lines, and have a way of boosting one’s confidence. Falling in love with it is just an understatement.

Over time, wearing G-strings regularly becomes a habit in such a way that you can’t wear other types of panties. However, there are some shocking risks associated with wearing thongs frequently and you should know about them for the sake of your health.

1) Yeast infection

Thongs place you at a high risk of getting yeast infection because of their ability to trap moisture down there and transfer fecal bacteria to your vagina, allowing infections to grow which puts your private part in danger.

According to a study, G – strings can increase the chances of having yeast infection due to the built-up moisture because of the tight fit.

2) Inflammation

Wearing g-strings regularly can cause vaginal inflammation and the signs are; swelling, changes in discharge, itchiness, and pains around the area.

Doctors have emphasized the importance of wearing loose and cotton-like panties to enable the vagina to breathe, keeping you clean and safe all day.

3) Skin irritation and reactions

The skin is very sensitive in that area and wearing a G-string regularly causes; chafing, friction and burns. Your undies shouldn’t cause you pain but make you comfortable and safe.

Choosing between being or feeling sexy and being safe shouldn’t be an option, your health is paramount.

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