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Davido Offers Student Who Scored Parralled A1 In WAEC Full Scholarship



Davido Offers Student Who Scored Parralled A1 In WAEC Full Scholarship

Nigeria singer/songwriter, David Adedeji Adeleke, popularly known as Davido has offered a young boy who goes by the name Morro Suleyman, a full scholarship at the Adeleke University.

The singer disclosed this on his official Twitter page, as he also promises to take care of the student’s accommodation and allowance fee.

“We have contacted Suleyman who lives in Ghana and he has been given a full 4/5 year scholarship to Adeleke University. He wrote.

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“Accommodation and allowance included! God bless y’all.”

This came after a Twitter user, @CYAmponsah, revealed that the student who aced his examination could not further his studies due to financial constraints.

“Happy Birthday, @thenanaaba, God richly blesses you I would want you to use this occasion to bless this brilliant boy with the numerous blessings God has been using you to bless people. He tweeted.

“He was the best student at Sunyani SHS in 2021 but due to financial constraints, he’s still at home.”

This caught the attention of many users, including Davido who reached out to help the brilliant Ghanian.

Adeleke University is a privately owned institution, located in Ede, Osun State, Southwestern Nigeria.

It is owned by Davido’s father Chief Adedeji Adeleke.

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Osinachi: Children To Testify Against Their Father Blindfolded



Osinachi: Children To Testify Against Their Father Blindfolded

The children of the late gospel singer, Osinachi Nwachukwu, are to testify in court against their father, Peter Nwachukwu, with their eyes blindfolded.

This was ruled by the sitting High Court judge, Justice N.K Nwosu-Iheme, after the prosecuting counsel, Aderonke Imana, informed that the deceased’s children would be called to testify for the prosecution.

“Having considered the application, I hereby ordered that parties to the case, parents, or guidance should observe the testimony. Justice Iheme declared.

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“Therefore, all other public and press members shall be outside.

“The children shall be blindfolded and shielded while given their testimony,” Justice Nwosu-Iheme ruled.”

This was in accordance with the section of the Child Right Act, read by the Prosecuting counsel.

“The first application is predicated on the provisions of Section 156 and 158 of the Child Rights Act. Imana read.

“We hereby apply that all the other persons in this court that do not fall under the category under the law should vacate this courtroom in the interest of the children who are our witnesses for today.

“Our second application is predicated on Section 209 of the Evidence Act and Section 169 of the Child Rights Act. We are applying that the persons who are under 18 should give unsworn evidence.

“Our third oral application is based on Section 2 (1) of the Child Rights Act. We hereby apply that the child witnesses be brought into the court with a blindfold and be shielded with a screen, in the cause of given witness.”

Peter Nwachukwu was brought before the court by the Federal Government on 23-counts charges, as he was said to have allegedly killed his wife.

Osinachi died on April 8 and was initially thought to have died of throat cancer, before witnesses confessed to domestic violence.

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Lady Narrates How Burna Boy’s Aides Shot Her Partner



A lady identified as Briella N on Instagram has narrated how singer Burna Boy‘s aides shot her partner while they clubbed at Cubana club in Victoria Island, Lagos.

Newsrand had reported that Nigerians called for Burna Boy’s arrest as they accused him of aiding his aides to shoot two men over a woman on Wednesday, June 8, 2022.

Giving her account of the incident, the lady stated: “We were visiting Nigeria from America and London for our childhood friend’s wedding. On the 8th of June 2022, @burnaboygram & his friends opened fire at us in @cubanalagos.

My partner and his friend were shot, with both needing urgent medical care. A bullet grazed my partners head and our friend was shot in the thigh, leaving him hospitalised and needing an emergency surgery in Nigeria.”

According to the lady, she and her friends were having a nice time at the club when Burna Boy and his friends arrived.

 “As the night progressed, one of Burna Boy’s friends walked to talk to me, his request was for Burna Boy to talk to me.

On that first attempt, I told him I wasn’t interested in talking to Burna Boy and I am married to my partner. He came again the second time and was met with the same response.

He came the third time and that caused a few of our friends to flare up as they asked why he kept coming to disturb me. There were words back and forth and one of Burna Boy’s friends attacked one of our friends, and as they attacked him, the situation degenerated into a fight,” she added.

At this point, I couldn’t find my partner or my best friend. I was screaming for help after being lifted and thrown so hard on the floor by one of Burna’s friends and I hurt my left shoulder,” Briella continued.

She added, “All our private police officers were not allowed into the club, so it was left to us to fight for our lives. One of our friends @theflowolf was trying to get Burna Boy to calm the situation but he only laughed at him and proceeded to get in his car whilst being protected by his security.

“The shootings happened twice at different times. His friends were also shooting at people trying to evacuate the club through the main entrance.

They were out to kill and didn’t care who got hit. My partner’s head was bleeding profusely and his friend lost so much blood he needed a donor As soon as he got to the hospital.

@burnaboygram left @cubanalagos without a scratch and flew out to Spain the next morning.

@obi_cubana only reached out to us four days after the event claiming he had no idea and would do everything to get us justice for attempted murder.

“11 days later, there has been no CCTV footage released by the club OR even a statement to address the incident publicly. Business has carried on as usual for him.

To sum things up, I’m traumatised. I’ve broken down every day since then. The random flashbacks and nightmares. Especially after seeing @burnaboygram’s response.

The lack of remorse or accountability is beyond me. At least two people could’ve died that night.”

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Burna Boy Breaks Silence After His Police Escorts Shoots Civilians In Club



Burna Boy Breaks Silence After His Police Escorts Shoots Civilians In Club

Nigerian singer/songwriter Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu, popularly known as Burna Boy has finally voiced out after his police escorts shoot civilians in a club.

The Grammy-winner took to his social media to exclaim that he is not surprised about the media frenzy.

“Nigerian Social media can say BURNA BOY started Boko haram, e no go shock me. He tweeted.

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Recall, that on Wednesday, June 8, 2022, the Nigeria artist and his police escorts entered the club in the early hours of the day.

The music star who was with three women already in the VIP section of the club spotted another woman.

He then directed one of his police escorts to invite the lady whom he just spotted to the VIP section.

This didn’t sit well with the lady’s husband, who insisted that the singer was disrespectful.

As things were getting heated, his police escort brought out his service pistol and shot multiple times while Burna Boy was laughing.

The bullet had then hit two civilians, one at the thigh, and the other grazed the head of another.

Burna Boy had then flown to Spain after the incident, as he was then declared a fugitive by the Nigerian police.

Most fans who did not like the actions which were taken by the 30-years-old had called for his arrest.

“Sing about police brutality and act otherwise in real life. Burna Boy and his boys need to be calming down. A fan tweeted.

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