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CKay, The First

Omolawyer, the writer is a music industry enthusiast, A&R and Pop culture aficionado



African music is blessed to have so many pioneers who have done great things for the culture, but for some reason almost every young artist tries so hard to become the “next” [insert name of African pioneer]

not me though. I am not the next anyone. I am Ckay, the first and last. There never has been and there never will be another.

I’ll express myself in my own way and you no get choice but to feel am. Come, let me take you on a journey.

24th August, 2019, Vanguard

Perhaps CKay’s current feat would be what makes him look like a superstar in the eyes of many. For me, that’s not it. What amazes me is that he saw these things since. He’s always known he was making music for the future, and the future is now.

4th of June 2019, he tells Vanguard that his forthcoming EP CKay “The Firstis futuristic afro-pop, advising them to listen to it now and thank him in the near future, explaining how the music he was making at the time was futuristic.

30th August 2021, the EP drops. On the 7th of October, 2021, Ckay The First debuted at number 4 on the Billboard World Albums Chart, and at number 117 on Billboard 200.

Love Nwantiti is a Global hit, currently number 35 on Hot 100, and a strong contender for song of the year worldwide affirming his claim of his making music for the future at the time. He knows his onions. He’s currently the most listened to African artist on Spotify, with 27 million monthly listeners and counting, taking afrobeats to the world with finesse, and rare uniqueness.

CKay: The Journey

29th of February 2016, MI Abaga drops The Box. The song, off his Illegal Music 3 mixtape is one where MI speaks to the industry and next generation and tells them of how people will try to put whatever we’re doing in little boxes, and condition you to that box.

He advises all to think outside the box, find new shit and break new grounds, and he features Pryse and CKay. CKay says on the song that they (the industry) see him as some sort of Boti, too soft and not prepared to fly, but he doesn’t believe in their box or rules. And that the wind will guide him to the heights where everyone would attest to his greatness.

11 September 2017, Ckay drops his first EP “Who the Fuck is CKay? as some sort of reply to Osagie Alonge who called MI Abaga out on his leadership as Chocolate City President taking shots at his performance and how well his flagship artists were fairing then, blurting out casually in a statement “Who the Fuck is CKay?”

Full clip of the loose talk podcast

The project comes in a period where the Nigerian music scene is unfamiliar with EPs, and the conventional way is dropping a couple of singles, then an album. Culture Custodian calls him out for this, saying he would have had a better chance winning people over with a well-delivered single as opposed to an EP, as the Nigerian industry doesn’t exactly gravitate towards projects.

The project was tagged “a hastily put-together effort at releasing music, with a lack of structure.” They are really not to be blamed, however, as they couldn’t see the future of Afrobeats that CKay prophesied. They, just like many others were oblivious to the reality where EP’s and projects dictate the tempo and scene. The industry setup couldn’t process what the self-defined Emo Afrobeats star saw at that time.

The project gives a rough idea of who the fuck CKay is, and what to expect from him.
2018 had MI prophesying on the record ‘Another Thing! Do Not Be A Groupie” off his “Yxng Dxnzl” album. In the track, M.I Abaga stated that the singer was going to be a big wonder someday with worldwide recognition. He stated; “CKay’s coming soon, everybody gon’ see the evidence.

After making music for some of the biggest names in the game at that point, like Dice Ailes, MI Abaga, Ice Prince, Koker, Milli, and various other artists over time, It was time for CKay to answer the question with his next EP, “CKay The First.”

On the 4th of June 2019, in his interview with Vanguard, Ckay shares a lot and states that his genre of Music is Afropop from the future and his forthcoming EP CKay The First is futuristic Afropop from start to finish. He tells them he’s not the next Wizkid or Davido, but the first CKay, affirming his originality and distinctiveness. The lead single on the EP, Way, became a smash hit across Nigeria, but people still had big doubts.

24th August 2019, he tells Vanguard that the industry doesn’t need another Wizkid or Davido, that he doesn’t need to copy them for the world to feel him, and that he will make his music his own way and people won’t have a choice but to feel it when its time. He says Wizkid is his personal idol, describing him as simply just blessed, but tells them he doesn’t need to emulate or hijack any style for the world to feel him.

6th of September 2019, Pulse publishes a review of the project. The writer Motolani Alake says it’s a good one but has minimal hit prospects. They say there’s a star in CKay, but he’s not making the songs that will make him a star. Pulse gives the project a 6/10 rating.
An article by Culture Custodian dated November 18 blasts the project totally, calling it blasé, too basic to impress, tawdry, and lacking what’s necessary to endure the bustling Nigerian music scene. But Ckay is ahead of the curve. He is making music for the future, and in the future, the music scene is calmer, it’s a realm where mid-tempo records are dictating the sound, and lighting up the atmosphere.

Fast forward to the present, The futuristic EP Ckay The First released in 2019 debuts on number 4 on Billboard World Albums Chart. The songs Pulse said are not the songs that will make him a star, made him a star. A Global star.

Love Nwantiti is a phenomenal masterpiece and has caught the attention of the world. The future CKay was speaking of in 2019 is now, and it’s amazing that the songs he made then, are what’s breaking boundaries today. It’s all like the singer knew. The question asked by Osagz changed a lot and inspired a string of actions and events that bring us to where we are today.

The former editor in Chief at Pulse claimed at the time that he was speaking the mind and echoing the thoughts of a lot of Nigerians at the time, one that can be said to be correct. CKay is the first of his kind, hence why the industry could not grasp properly who he was and what his eccentric style was about. The superstar is ahead of his time, and he knows this. He realises that he has to take the burden of explaining his craft to listeners, so they must feel it. And he did with his EP, CKay The First. 

He’s written and produced hit songs for other artists, songs that are known on the streets as anthems, songs that the majority will never know were ideas of his beautiful mind but now, he’s explaining to you who CKay is. CKay is the first.

CKay’s Achievements

  • Love Nwantiti peaked at number 9 on the Top 50 songs Globally on Spotify. It was number 1 on YouTube top songs. 1. It rose to number 3 on the UK singles chart, joint highest ever charting African song on the chart. It peaked at number 2 on Billboard global 200 singles chart, and is the first African song to break into the top three.
  • According to the United World Chart, CKay had the second biggest song on the planet towards the end of 2021 with Love Nwantiti. The song was number 1 in 150 countries / regions on Shazam. It was number 11 on RollingStone top 100. The highest ever for an African act. Love Nwantiti was the most Shazamed song in the entire world. This simply means it’s the most searched and sought after song by music listeners.
  • CKay The First debuted at number 4 on the Billboard World Albums Chart, and is the first EP from an African to do so. It has also become the highest streamed debut project and EP of all time on Spotify.
  • CKay is about to cross the 27 million monthly listeners milestone on Spotify, and currently holds the record for the highest ever by an African. He debuted on Billboard artist 100, at number 96. He had a total of 6 number 1 on The Billboard charts.
  • CKay hit No. 1 on the emerging artists chart thanks to Love Nwantiti.
  • Ckay joins Burna Boy & Davido as the only Nigerian/Afrobeats artiste to have a music video surpass 200 Million views on YouTube as a lead artiste.
  • Ckay’s “Emiliana” debuted at No. 190 on the Billboard 200 Global Excl. USA. It became the first African song to enter the chart without a music video or a feature.
  • CKay was the most streamed African artist on YouTube last year with 1.1 billion streams. Twice the number of streams as the next person.
  • CKay’s Love nwantiti officially reached No. 1 at US Urban radio, becoming CKay’s first #1 hit (Mediabase).
  • CKay’s“Emiliana” was at #1 on the UK Afrobeats chart for a while, the spot is currently occupied by Fireboy’s Peru remix with Ed-Sheeran.
  • CKay’s “Love Nwantiti” became the first Afrobeats song to debut in the six continents (Singles chart) excluding Antarctica. Love Nwantiti peaked at No. 2 on the United World Chart, No. 2 on the Billboard Global 200 & No. 2 on Billboard Global 200 excl. USA. He became the first African to achieve all these. On the Apple Music world genre, it charted in 150 countries, of which it entered the top 20 of 149, except one country, Nigeria which peaked at 21. It’s the 2nd most Shazamed African song ever, only behind Jerusalema. It’s the No. 1 most Shazamed Nigerian  song of all time. It’s the first Nigerian song to chart in the top 20 of the year-end Shazam global.

The world is just catching up to his 2019 and hasn’t even embraced the Boyfriend EP. And this is not the most interesting part, the real interesting part is the fact that it’s not the music he’s making now that’s doing all these things for him. It’s the one he was making then when he made those statements.

What are the odds? He said he was making music for the future, and nobody understood. Now, it’s that particular music that’s breaking Global barriers for Afrobeats. From one triggered statement, he changed the game and started dropping EPs in 2017, predicting also how the structure of the industry would be by now and what would appeal to people. He changed the game, like it or not. We’re just catching up to him. He is Ahead. MI’s statement has come to pass. CKay has come, and everyone, the entire world has seen the evidence.

I could go on and on, like how he said a long time ago that Amapiano would come and dominate the Nigerian music scene, and proved his futuristic doings with Way, the lead single off CKay The First featuring DJ Lambo. The single merges an interpolation of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony and African percussion and rhythms, tilting towards the sound we identify now as Amapiano.  As he said and I reaffirm, “those sounds were for the future and we weren’t ready then.”

He replied people asking questions in 2019, but he’s answered those questions now, and it’s all making sense. Some things are written in the stars, but in this case, it’s almost like CKay is the star writing these things down.

Echo: ckay

“These people keep asking who the fuck I am because they do not understand me. I’m from the future, I’m ahead of my time. To prove my point and burst all your heads , I will see what people will feeI and enjoy in the future and then make it now. When y’all are ready, when the world is ready, when it’s time, you will see good music and won’t have a choice but to feel it. I’m rare, there’s not been one like me , so I probably have to explain it to you gradually from now so you can understand me better. And I will.

Lesson 1. CKay, The First.”

Written by Omolawyer, a music industry enthusiast, A&R, and Pop culture aficionado

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