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Could Drone Technologies Become more Prevalent as African Governments Step up the Fight against Terrorism?

By Col. Wes Martin



Recently, 77 member nations of a global coalition brought together to seek out solutions to combating the Islamic State (IS), convened to address the alarming increase of extremist terrorist activities perpetuated across African contest the continent of Africa.

“We see big challenges on the horizon. We recognize that we can’t tackle them alone”, U.S Secretary of State, Antony Blinken stated.

Africa’s strategic importance has risen sharply since the end of the Cold War in the eyes of foreign powers, as nations lobby to greater partner with leadership on the continent; particularly, seeking to collaborate to strengthen security cooperation internally in Africa in order to create new and sustainable opportunities for growth.

In turn, Africa’s military leaders are themselves looking to find effective, autonomous means for which to garner intelligence and engage from within Africa’s diverse, often austere battlespace environments where regularly, such violent terrorist activity is undertaken.

They appreciate the importance in taking advantage of recent breakthroughs in aerial reconnaissance and engagement innovation while minimizing the exposure of personnel or collateral damage in the process.

Meanwhile, overseas and for the past two decades, the role of unmanned systems on the battlefield has been steadily increasing, ushering in what has been referred to as a global ‘Precision Revolution’ by many notable warfare analysts.

Key to this development has been these systems’ ability to decrease the exposure of friendly forces and their effectiveness in engaging within both inhabited and uninhabited areas day or night, scenarios where the use of airplanes can be otherwise problematic.

These cutting-edge UAVs provide consistency in surveillance and support, offering greater real-time intelligence – be it from a matter of meters to thousands of kilometers in distance.

Moreover, they can engage unprecedentedly deep from within a given battlespace and even incorporate ‘swarm’ intelligence and precision strike capabilities in doing so, allowing for multiple drones to operate in formation.

And yet despite Africa being a priority theatre in the fight against terrorism and often the base of origin for what are today highly exportable global threats, many do not associate military drone technology with the continent. However, in terms of need, the exact opposite is true.

Recent advancements in both UAV affordability and their multi-purpose versatility have equated to serious consideration for drone technologies’ adoption by African militaries across the continent. This, coupled with Africa’s embrace of digital production and fourth industrial revolution (4IR) inspired technological prowess has meant the potential for a leapfrogging or skipping of individual stages of evolution in the aerial combat arena, embodied through the development and deployment of technologies such as drones.

As these systems continue to undergo technological change, the ability to deploy them has molded to users’ requirements and capabilities.

Previous ideas on the role of unmanned systems working in the long-range and long-endurance spheres have shifted, as the need to gather a high-fidelity, actionable threat picture has increased.

As the costs of unmanned systems have also dropped dramatically, the ability to create more disposable assets has become easier.

Of critical importance in the air domain, the mimicking by UAVs of some of nature’s key defensive and offensive capabilities – swarming – now means that military operators can gain a significant advantage over their adversaries.

Air dropped swarms have proven that decision-makers can saturate an area with sensors to provide a rapid, data-rich picture of activity within an area that would otherwise necessitate putting multiple people on the ground.

Improving the sensor processing of these swarms, as well as pairing them with advanced artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, can allow for greater flexibility and agility in the swarm, thereby reducing the burden on a human end-user, while enhancing responsiveness to dynamically changing situations.

In an offensive capability, the role of a swarm can be to ensure that a target is successfully attacked, and that defensive capacity is overwhelmed. As warhead size and capabilities are improved, creating drone swarms also means engaging more complex target sets – such as multi-building facilities or moving formations of vehicles. If a target’s defensive systems include mobile or portable systems, then a swarm can work to adapt to changes in real-time.

In rapid mobility operations, a frequent in African defense and security scenarios nation on nation, seconds count – Loitering munition technologies can be deployed quickly for rapid mission turnaround while throughout allowing for a significant reduction in the kill chain, as the time between detection and target prosecution can also be greatly reduced.

Further, with an endurance period that can measure into the hours, such systems can provide a flexible response if the threat picture changes.

As onboard sensors and communication technologies continue to improve, they can serve as a significant force multiplier for strategic and tactical operations. The potential for loitering munitions to operate in a swarm means that high-value targets, or key targets of opportunity, also have a higher chance of being successfully engaged than with a single missile strike from a traditional armed UAV.

Acknowledged on a global stage and heeded by the numerous international security partnerships forged on the continent, while also a chief mission of African militaries independently, there is a clear and present call to action to enhance airborne technological dexterity in Africa.

Moreso, to foster greater interagency collaboration to ‘get in front of’ and address in real-time a myriad of security threats afflicting development, such as extremist insurgency, piracy, kidnapping, bunkering, poaching, and trafficking.

Many military agencies however are operating under budgetary constraints compounded by the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In response, African-based Paramount Advanced Technologies (PAT), a subsidiary of global aerospace and technology company, Paramount Group, has recently launched its Meteorite, the front runner of the company’s N-Raven unmanned aerial vehicle fleet, as a next-generation turnkey aerial solution provider to the contemporary challenges facing the continent’s security and stability.

The 48 kg Meteorite is a fully automated, guided precision strike system, capable of operating at high speeds (up to 120km/hr) at a service ceiling of 15,000 ft (ISA) across a wide array of both precise and long-range missions (hosting up to 4 hours of loitering time at a full range).

The pilotless UAV provides self-sufficient ground strike capabilities with pinpoint accuracy; and, with its modular, multi-purpose warhead, the Meteorite has been designed to handle different types of targets with a large payload capacity, even from within a heavily contested ‘deep fight’ area.

From unprecedented piracy attacks off the Gulf of Guinea to Boko Haram pledging allegiance to once-rivals, the Islamic State West African Province (ISWAP), to insurgencies in the northernmost region of Mozambique, the continent is facing fast degrading conflicts that threaten regional stability requiring coordinated responses.

From rapid deployment to swarm capable loitering, reconnaissance, and engagement assignments, the Meteorite, and its diverse competencies are the results of the manufacturing prowess of Africa and from Paramount Group’s deep understanding of addressing asymmetrical warfare on the continent; providing solutions that befit partner nations’ budgets and the often austere environments which they are tasked to protect.

The Meteorite has further been designed for digital technology transfer and transportable manufacturing from within partner countries; a robust yet cost-effective product of Paramount Group’s proven experience gained from its long legacy in the development of UAV systems, offering versatility, mission-specific accuracy yet at the same time, affordability.

Producing such highly integrated technologies from within customer countries can unlock industrial partnerships that create local defense industrial capabilities, local jobs, and skills transfer.

In response to the increasing demand from governments for the development and strengthening of such capabilities, Paramount Group has pioneered a portable production model that has been implemented by several countries around the world.

There is subsequently a timely opportunity for customer countries from across Africa to deploy advanced loitering munitions technologies such as the Meteorite, with proven ‘force multiplier’ effects – spurring economic diversification and growth while bolstering air defenses exponentially against threats known and unknown; providing operational depth, without, as Paramount Advanced Technologies (PAT) CEO, Lee Connolly suggests, “…African militaries having to resort to the procurement of expensive systems often associated with a traditional air force”.

When referencing the Meteorite’s unique applicability to the modern-day African battlefield, Connolly went on to state that, “We at Paramount continue to expand our unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) swarm technologies portfolio and look forward to the opportunity to present such a well-aligned solution to addressing the uncertainty of Africa’s defense and security landscape. The Meteorite is a game-changer for the continent’s armed forces and the latest in robotic warfare, replicable the world over”.

“To the Team at Paramount Advanced Technologies, true innovation means the adoption of highly customizable, affordable solutions, built for the purpose of our partners who require them. We are very proud that we can offer such a precision strike loitering munition system as the Meteorite, arguably a prerequisite as an investment in aerial reconnaissance, engagement, and ultimately modern-day state security in Africa, capable of foreseeing and engaging threats to a nation’s stability, yielding a substantial payoff and at the best levels of cost-effectiveness on the market,” Connolly concluded.

Paramount Advanced Technologies believes that its Meteorite is the next step in the ongoing unmanned ‘Precision Revolution’, ready to be manufactured in the end-user’s country.

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Op Ed

FFK: A Vulgar Striker on Transfer by Bolaji O. Akinyemi



Nigerians To Fani-Kayode After Defecting To APC: You Have No Shame

Politics like football or soccer as Americans will call it has seasons when stars are open to transfer from club to club. This is usually a season their handlers must seek to strengthen their team in their areas of weaknesses with the view to have a competitions’ winning team.

The political atmosphere in Nigeria is at such a time now, and parties are doing their best to get not the best of skillful legs but of razor tongues who can inflict deep injuries on political opponents. This, the APC has taken advantage of, to sign on the most deadly tongue in political propaganda in Nigeria. Unlike football which is played with legs, politics is a trade of tongues!

There are highly rated tongues in Nigeria’s political turf, exhibiting top-rated verbal skills. Stars, like Festus Keyamo who is in a class by himself in strategic communication, Lai Mohammed, a midfield maestro having the ability to assist the attacking lines with passes for deadly strikes, his recovery in counter attacks to fall back in defense to dispossess opponents of the ball is commendable, but the “Otooge” exponent is of the ACN stuck in APC. His position at present is a threat to the CPC component. Though PDP may never recover from the damages done to her by Lai led verbal team, FFK is needed to take his place. Do I need to talk about the Big Joe Igbokwe, Femi Adesina, Garba Shehu, etc? The list goes on.

The challenge before Muhammadu Buhari is how to make good the promise not to end his presidency a failure, and his agenda on this is clear, the grazing routes must be recovered for the Fulani race. Rail line must be built from Kano to the Niger Republic to complement the Refinery already built there. Though this may look like a waste of Nigeria’s resources generated mainly from Southern Nigeria, but these projects for me, are not enough to say thank you to the people and Governors from the Niger Republic who turned out en mass to show their solidarity to one of their own during his last presidential campaign in Kano.

Femi Adesina’s attempts at selling the grazing route science, and ruga technology couldn’t fly in the southwest. His verbal jab, “your ancestral land or your life”, was too “fodiolically” offensive for the sophisticated people of the South West!

Good, as the stars studded APC side may look, none on their list comes near prolific Femi Fani Kayode in verbal vulgarity. He is in the class of blasphemous Pharisees, whom Jesus best describes as a brood of vipers! The strength of a viper is its poisonous tongue!

Nobody in the talking trade in Nigeria comes near him in rating, FFK is the only liar I know who neither stammers nor blinks in action. His smooth talk and fluency will blow up any lie detector’s fuse. The only antidote to FFK is don’t listen. Listening to him on this latest movement on Channels TV with Seun Okinbaloye, I can’t but pity Nigeria and Nigerians for Balak the king has hired Balaam the prophet! A verbal spell is unleashed against the masses. This concluded deception, only God can deliver our gullible population from.

FFK is better on your bench than to have him playing against you. The trauma of this, made PDP beg the spy of our oligarchy in power to stay, so he can play all qualifying games ahead of 2023 on their side but the offer from APC said it all, it is time to come out of hiding, back to the home he joined them to build in 2013! “Orí ade kíi sún si ajo”, a prince must not be buried in a strange land.

Don’t be surprised if FFK is given a portfolio in the cabinet reshuffle that may happen soon. This administration is indeed in need of one who can betray secessionists’ agenda, I doubt if any betrayal of tribe, east, west, south-south, or middle belt can beat uncle FFK to this rating!

FFK loves life on the juicy side. This of course has sealed this deal. According to him, he was one of those who formed APC in 2013!

In my first article on him, “FFK: the spy who fooled us”, I was determined to unveil the masquerade called FFK, but fathers in the Lord whose influence in the kingdom were too huge to ignore called me and requested that Femi should be treated like a brother who is fighting in defense of the faith, though I stated my reservations about their conclusion, but gave in to the plea. Today, I stand vindicated!

Though I was compelled to come out of my shell earlier in the year, when FFK first touted his desire to return home when he visited Yahaya Bello the Governor of Kogi State, I did, under an article titled; Femi Fani-Kayode: Our Fooling Spy And His Crossover Night”.

That FFK is a spy, his old friend Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who was captured outside Nigeria, Igboho his new friend who broke down in tears for fear of Government move against him, was parted on the lap by FFK whom he promised never to leave, should be able to tell!

The same house where FFK visited him was raided by DSS. Sunday Igboho is yet to be visited by FFK since he was arrested in the Republic of Benin! Please, if FFK comes knocking on your front door, bolt it firmly and run away through the back door, he was a forerunner of Igboho’s calamities!

Who else but a spy, can be in a party and yet be instrumental to negotiating the exits of Governors who are leaders of his party to the party in power? He boastfully recounted his exploits, “There are many people in PDP who want to come to APC, I was there, like a champion pointing to his trophy, he beckoned on the reporters to confirm his efforts that translated Matawale from PDP to APC. It was him who seduced Ben Ayade to come to APC dining table and of course, he converted the Chairman of the South East Governor from PDP to APC, and this happened while FFK was the PDP one man warrior against APC! Who could have fooled his party in this manner except a spy?

Ironically, PDP have little or nothing to worry about, Femi can’t do more damage to them than already done while he was a mole in their camp.

This star was “signed” to bench some stars who may be speaking for ACN in a CPC controlled APC. It is to this divide that Joe Igbokwe who is crying, “despite my push for APC, Abuja has neither called me to appreciate me, nor invite me for coffee with the C-In-C, this party only rewards traitors”! Uncle Joe, please hold on to your ACN given gutter job, for Femi is back home to send all fellows who are strangers in APC bed relationship packing.

A Yoruba adage says, “ile tó bá tọrọ, ọmọ àlè ibè ni ó tii dàgbà.” Meaning, if a family is at peace, it is because the bastard in the family has not grown.

This transfer scenario is nothing but the maturity of a family bastard back home to claim his rights, the future will certainly be rough for every member of the family!

There are others who in the estimations of their handlers are possibly over pricing themselves by aiming to be the valuable captain of APC team as presidential candidates. Such persons better prepared for this storm in the tea cup of their presidential ambition. May it not break their cup and spill their tea. Rotimi Amechi should begin to articulate in his hand over note. The only person in PDP who probably should be worrying is the Governor of Benue State. Samuel Ortom should be ready for FFK, while watching his back for Akume who may have a new portfolio for the sake of Benue mission!

Femi left no one in doubt of his assignments and of the terms and conditions of engagement. FFK was not brought into APC to do damage against political opponents but to fight from inside; “I will not renege from my core values but will fight from inside the party to have them established”, though he mentioned some of his “values”. But, please, ask yourself, what are the values you can relate Uncle Femi Fani Kayode with?

Coming out of his sign on ceremony at the Presidency, he mentioned the need to “fight foreign elements who want us to go to war killing one another, this is what informed my coming to see the President”. International alliances of the Yoruba nations’ agitators leading to successful protests around the world is expected to come under FFK verbal attack. He confirmed our suspicion of his physiological state of mind, when he communicated clearly, he is least worried about people of conscience who may be bordered about his past vulgarity against the President and APC. Our brother said we can’t hold him down to anything he has said in the past. Could this be what his hand shake with Pantami, a man that has risen above the deeds and sayings of his past, was meant to communicate? If Pantami can’t be held accountable for crimes inciting speech of terror against individuals and by extension, the State, why should FFK become a slave to his sayings in the past against a political party?

It is important for me to state that FFK must have been brought in to do vulgar damage to the ambition of Pastor Tunde Bakare who is being led by the Holy Spirit to become the President of the Federal Republic. Now that FFK has been led also by a “holy” spirit, the day ahead may be rough for PTB. He will be told by this new spirit man to stay out of politics and face the more profitable things of the Kingdom.

The Jephtah named at the Citadel should be ready for insults hauling. What is coming will make late Yinka Odumakin’s revelation of the Jagaban a child’s play. As for the Vice President, FFK will be a brutal attacking machine against a politically naive pastor and gentleman in politics!

Gumi must have been visited by the spirit that led FFK to APC when he accurately prophecied about what is to come, that FFK is the Judas of the Yoruba nation. This engagement is about the need to stop the agitations for Yoruba Nation, and possibly Yoruba Presidency which is majorly the aim of politicians behind the scene. One thing is clear he will justify his sign on with verbal assaults on whoever is unlucky to be on his list. Unfortunately for FFK, “bibire ni iyì ọmọlúwàbí”, meaning to come from a decent family is the honor of integrity. To the Yoruba nation, decency is not in his DNA nor integrity part of his core values. Our elders went further to say, “Ibí a bí ní kó tó ká tún rà ẹni bi” meaning to be born is not as important as to reborn one’s self. On both, Femi Fani Kayode is a drop out.

This transfer of course is a good sell for PDP and a bad buy for APC! “Spokesmanship” is not just about eloquence and wit of words, but about content of what is being said and the character of who is saying it!

Nigeria once had a football star, who had in him the skills of Okocha combined with the speed and strength of Amokachi. It was that star who redeemed us from the yoke of Cameron’s defeat at Adamasingba Stadium. But, for his lack of character, he couldn’t make it close to those he graciously combined their graces, in career. Charisma is good, but character is everything! What APC can make out of a man with charisma without character only the future can tell.

Dr Bolaji O. Akinyemi, an Apostle, with focus on revival and revolution, the BID as he is fondly called is also a strategic communicator.

FB: Bolaji Akinyemi

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Op Ed

VAT: Wike, FG And Authority Stealing – Azu Ishiekwene




The guns of Nigeria’s three-year civil war were silenced 51 years ago, but in the battle for a truly federal state, the echoes of warfare have never been more resonant.

On August 10, Rivers State, which at an average monthly federal receipt of N12b, is the third richest by dole amongst Nigeria’s poor 36 states, started a war with the Federal Government over the collection of Value Added Taxes (VAT).

The state governor, Nyesom Wike, a lawyer by training and leading member of the opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP), found a loophole in the tax law. He got a ruling of the Federal High Court in Port Harcourt which affirmed that states, and not the Federal Government, are supposed to collect 100 percent of VAT.

The ruling, which could cost an already cash-strapped Federal Government significant revenues, also set off a chain of reactions from Lagos – and at least five other states – eager to cash in and reverse decades of lopsidedness in the country’s fiscal landscape. Only Kogi State, pleaded for charity and brotherly love, instead of law or economics – a plea that should have been directed elsewhere.

The current row may have been sparked by the nearly 60 percent drop in state revenues in a season when COVID-19 and the crash in oil prices have brought Nigeria’s prodigal government to its knees.

But the war between states and the Federal Government has a long, chequered history, dating back to the civil war era. Carving out the oil-rich Rivers State from the Eastern region was, perhaps, the first significant move to redraw the federal map at the onset of the war. It was an emergency, a strategic move by the Federal authorities to cut off supply, especially oil supply, to Biafra. It proved decisive.

It would turn out to be not the last, but the beginning of a series of brazen encroachments that has left states which were mostly created by the military without a thought for their viability, as mere receptacles of federal benevolence and brutality. The long spell of military rule after the civil war made matters worse. In contrast to the pre-civil war era, it reduced the states to zombies of Lagos (and later Abuja from 1991).

Victor Attah, former governor of the Southern Nigerian state, Akwa Ibom, said in a paper on the onshore/offshore dichotomy, for example, that up till 1970, derivation (revenue from minerals derived in the regions), stood at 50 percent.

After the civil war, Attah said, Decree 113 of 1970 put forward by the late sage Chief Obafemi Awolowo and promulgated by General Yakubu Gowon reduced derivation to 45 percent and at the same time appropriated the entire offshore oil revenue to the Federal Government.

The states endured. There was not much resistance that could reasonably be expected under the unitarist military rule. Also, it was thought that after the civil war, the Federal Government required considerable resources to rebuild the country.

But soon, like in most emergencies, understanding became indulgence and indulgence turned into abuse.

In his first coming, General Olusegun Obasanjo extracted another 20 percent to the centre, and his successor, President Shehu Shagari, took yet another 20, reducing onshore derivation to five percent.

By the time Obasanjo returned to office as civilian president 20 years later, the restiveness in the Niger Delta had boiled over. It had become so dangerous that the ad hoc measures, such as the creation of special funds and agencies by the governments before his, could barely contain the negative impact of the crisis on the country’s oil receipts.

Again, the perennially extravagant Federal Government hooked on cheap oil money, needed more fixes to shore up its falling income.

Instead of risking any legal landmines, however, Obansanjo settled for a “political solution”, in the now infamous onshore/offshore dichotomy, a fiscal gerrymandering which left at least 20 states worse off and the Federal Government twice as crookedly rich.

Nigeria is back at the same spot. Only this time the dispute is not about oil or derivation, but about VAT, the crown jewel of the top seven taxes in the country. It’s politically convenient to demonise Wike or to treat the current dispute as some sort of abhorrent beggar thy neighbour politics.

But the trouble is not with Wike. It is with those whose thinking has been so jaded by years of military rule they just can’t get over themselves. This VAT crisis should be a welcome lobotomy.

There’s nothing that Wike has done in respect of the current VAT controversy that is outside what the constitution provided for. The tax items under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Federal Government, such as stamp duties, taxation of incomes, profits and capital gains are listed in the exclusive legislative list. No one is quarrelling with that.

It’s shocking that those who have spent years clamouring for the restructuring of the country have conveniently lost their tongue or yielded to be taken hostage by cowardice in the current VAT debate.

It’s not about Wike. In a viral video, the Chairman of the modified VAT committee, Emmanuel Ijewere, told Channels TV in an interview apparently even before the increase in the VAT rate to 7.5 percent, that the original plan when VAT replaced sales tax in 1994, was for states to keep 100 percent of VAT income. The Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) was supposed to receive five percent of the proceeds as administrative cost, for easing the confusion brought on by multiple sales taxes in the states.

That plan was discarded in spite of the original intention of the military government and in total disregard of the clear provisions in section 162 (1) of the constitution which excludes VAT or taxes on sales and consumption from the schedule of Federal Government taxes. Abuja grabbed more than its legitimate share.

This is not a one-off transgression. It’s a consistent pattern of wide-ranging impunity which began with appropriating minerals to prosecute the civil war and later expanded to cover swathes of economic and social activities from policing to prisons, copyright to trade and waterways, among others.

Lagos State, especially under Governor Bola Ahmed Tinubu, reclaimed acres of federal wasteland through judicial intervention and brought relief to the states in areas such as betting, town planning laws, creation of administrative councils, and taxes in the hospitality sector.

I’ve heard the argument that in the end, Rivers State and the six other states challenging the VAT law may not benefit from it as much as they thought; that the VAT on alcohol which is the favourite trope of opponents of the current system is only three percent; and that on account of the considerable receipt from the VAT element of import tax, the Federal Government may, in fact, be better off in the end.

Nonsense. It’s the same warped argument that has kept the Federal police a monstrous shambles that it has been all these years, because some say that whereas it’s OK for the Federal police to brutalise and exploit innocents, police in the hands of states would be turned loose on the enemies of governors. We love federal oppression so much we’re happy to be sacrificed for it.

The point is not whether states will gain or lose more if they got 100 percent of the VAT. It is whether in a democracy, we are ready to do what the law says, however inconvenient. Until the law is amended – and the Federal Government’s desperation indicates that it knows it’s on a wrong footing – the government of President Muhammadu Buhari should obey and stop the authority stealing.

The matter of efficiency of modes of collection can be discussed by all parties and hopefully, they can reach a common ground. But the unilateral decision of the Federal Government to appropriate VAT beyond its residual administrative fees for the past 27 years must be condemned by all and called out for the fraud that it is.

The benefit of not being a lawyer is that I enjoy the freedom to not think in blinkers. Those hiding under the ruling of the Court of Appeal that the parties should maintain the status quo ante as excuse for delaying the enforcement of the ruling of the lower court are mistaken.

Status quo ante, in this case, cannot be a return to the illegality of the Federal Government stealing VAT that does not belong to it. Status quo can only mean a return to what the constitution provides explicitly – which means states, and not the Federal Government, are entitled to 100 percent of VAT.

Buhari’s government must end the shameful avarice and illegality and do what the law says – until it is amended.

Ishiekwene is Editor-In-Chief of LEADERSHIP

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Op Ed

Agonies Of Monogamy Against Polygamy

By Chief Tola Adeniyi, a former MD of Daily Times.



Society must rethink this issue of pretentious monogamy vis-à-vis polygamy so that in the not-too-distant future we do not end up with millions of unmarried women whose life style would be worse than prostitutes’ and millions of children whose fathers would be nowhere to be found.

The article is designed to expose the hypocrisy and pain associated with embracing false notions which are really not observed by any culture in the world, and to advise those who erroneously sentence themselves to a life of sadness and emptiness because they were deceived to believe that there is some utopia somewhere called monogamy.

I am very much aware that this article will generate a lot of controversy most especially from those who live holier-than-thou life and have continued to deceive the world that they are upholders of a doctrine that is not supported by true and enlightened interpretation of any religious doctrine.

My Greek, Italian, Russian, British, American and other Caucasians routinely visit their other wives [called by other names] with whom they have children. But back in the homes shared with the one carrying the ring, they are monogamists!
If God had wanted humanity to be monogamous He would not have made the pigeon the only monogamous creature. The cultures that practice polygamy had always known that at any given time, the number of available marriageable women far out number available men plus the fact that an 80-year-old man, if he has money, is still very much in the market whereas a 60-year-old woman may not be that lucky. The biological limitation to a woman’s productive age is also a factor. Why should a woman therefore remain on the shelf till age 45 when she could jolly well get married as second or fourth wife to a man who can afford to share life’s responsibilities with her? Why should a woman leave a man with whom she is No 1, simply because he took a second wife and end up being numberless in the hands of several men with whom she naturally shares bed just because of some doctrine she hardly understands?

All the women who should go and marry but are saying they do not want to share their man with another woman in a polygamous setting, are sharing current boyfriends with several other women. Where is the logic?

The argument that children in a polygamous house are always at each other’s throat does not hold water. Many siblings of monogamous families are sometimes known to have had worse and irresolvable or irreconcilable squabbles with dirty bitterness over inheritance or even other matters than children from different mothers.

The agony suffered by both men and women in the hand of unnatural laws and doctrines is too stifling for comfort. In 2002, five hundred and two Reverend mothers were reported to have died while procuring abortion in Rome (alone). Nigerian Tribune wrote an editorial on the unfortunate incident. And stories of Reverend fathers having children and sodomising young men in their care are legion! Why the hypocrisy? Why should the world continue to live the life of Ostrich?

A well known Nigerian journalist hide his other wives from his wife because his religion would not permit of it and his wife, living in monogamy should not hear of it. At his funeral service programmes, 9 wives surfaced and the woman parading the ring collapsed. It was the grace of God that prevented double internment that day!

Mitterrand, the former French president was discovered to have side attachment with 2 kids after he died. Meanwhile French laws restrict man to only one wife. Arnold Schwarzenegger who was married to JF Kennedy’s sister had a troubling home. He disclosed to the wife that the male child the former house maid was carrying about was actually his son. That day the Kennedy lady did not sleep in that house. She parked out of the house that night with her 3 kids. She cannot tolerate to share her husband with another woman. She is there with no other man.

So, over to those whose opinion is hinged on whatever reason to rethink. This is becoming a wild fire that will leave no home in no distant time.

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