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Airtel Touching Lives Season 6 To Focus On Covid-19 Challenges



Airtel Touching Lives Season 6 To Focus On Covid-19 Challenges

‘Airtel Touching Lives Season 6’ will focus on education, COVID-19 related issues as well as helping those with health challenges, Airtel Nigeria Managing Director, Segun Ogunsanya, has said.

Speaking at the launch of ‘Airtel Touching Lives Season 6’ in Lagos on Wednesday, Ogunsanya said that the telco’s initiative provided support and encouraged others to imbibe the culture of giving.

“In our approach for Season 6, we will pay attention to COVID-19, education, and other areas.

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“We will not deviate from seeking out indigent and medically challenged persons who desperately need help,” Ogunsanya said.

The Airtel Nigeria boss said that the Corporate Social Responsibility initiative reiterated the company’s commitment toward helping the less privileged.

He said it was important for organizations to come together to collaborate more closely to solve some of the issues plaguing the country.

Ogunsanya noted that Airtel earned the ‘social license’ through its commitment to empowering and uplifting people as well as making a positive and lasting impact on the lives of its stakeholders.

The Airtel boss added that the ‘social license’ was the love, loyalty, friendship, and affection that the telco got from the communities where it operates.

“The ‘Airtel Touching Lives’ initiative was created to offer relief and hope to the underprivileged and downtrodden and also inspire the strong and the wealthy to support the weak and the poor.

“It is important that the strong continue to support the weak for our society to thrive.

“So, in our personal spaces, we can actually do something to support someone who requires help, it could be a family member, a neighbor, a stranger, or a random person,” Ogunsanya said.

Speaking on the previous season of the program, Ogunsanya said that the company refurbished a library for blind people, rehabilitated an IDP camp clinic facility, and refurbished houses for beneficiaries.

Ogunsanya said that Airtel also set up small-scale trade for underprivileged persons, paid medical bills of underprivileged children and women, and flew someone abroad for medical treatment, among others.

Also, Emeka Oparah, Airtel Nigeria Head of  Corporate Communications and  Corporate Social Responsibility, said that the company was on the lookout for the most touching stories and sent people to the locations to verify.

“We have different levels of verification and in the last five years of doing this CSR program, we have never had anyone successfully scammed us, Oparah said. 

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Obi Cubana: My Ordeal With NDLEA Is Not A Witch Hunt



Obi Cubana: My Ordeal With NDLEA Is Not A Witch Hunt

Popular socialite Obi Cubana has stated that his ordeal with the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) is not a witch hunt as many people may have thought.

Newsrand had reported that NDLEA was investigating the Chairman of Obi Cubana Group of Companies at its Abuja headquarters of the NDLEA over his alleged dealings with drug traffickers in Malaysia, Nigeria, and India.

Confirming his arrest, Obi Cubana said the agency arrested and held him for four days and three nights, adding that the move was not a witch hunt.

The businessman shared his experience and how he felt in an interview with popular broadcaster Daddy Freeze, which was monitored by this publication.

His words: “While growing in life, people must face some challenges, and I am facing mine at the moment. I was in detention for four days and three nights. I did not feel bad because I knew the agency would do a thorough job and if I was cleared, I would be allowed to go because it was not a witch hunt.

However, linking me to a drug issue made me feel low. It is repulsive because it is something I had made a covenant to never support, invest in or be part of. Getting the invitation from the NDLEA got to me because it is something I have always fought against. It destroys generations, and my children could also become victims. I was told someone paid money into my account, and I believe the agency, which I feel is a responsible one, would make their findings known to the public once they are done with their investigation.”

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Cubana Chief Priest Becomes Imo State Governor’s Aide



Cubana Chief Priest Becomes Imo State Governor's Aide

Pascal Okechukwu, widely known as Cubana Chief Priest, has been appointed by the Governor of Imo State, Hope Uzodinma as his social media aide.

This was disclosed by the socialite, who announced on his Instagram page receiving a letter of appointment on Friday as the Special Adviser to the Governor on Social Media Influence and Social Events Management.

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“I just picked up my letter of appointment as Special Adviser To His Excellency @he_hopeuzodimma on Social Media Influence and Social Events Management.

“I have an instruction from His Excellency @he_hopeuzodimma to make over 1,000 Imo youths get super successful like me from the Almighty social media which made me in just one year.

“It’s so easy for me to do and I will do just that through christ who strengthens me. Amen.

“May God give me the grace, wisdom, energy, and guts to tell his Excellency the unfiltered truth he needs to hear at all times. Amen”

Cubana Chief Priest was born on 26th March 1982 in Orsu in Owerri, Imo State. He is oftentimes referred to as a celebrity barman.

Cubana chief priest owns various clubs across the country.

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Portable: I’m Dating A Lady I Intend To Marry



Portable: I'm Dating A Lady I Intend To Marry

Popular singer Habeeb Okikiola, otherwise known as Portable, has revealed that there is a lady he’s currently dating, and he would love to marry her.

Speaking with rap artiste Jahbless on his podcast Jahbless Original Intelligence, Portable said there is a lady in the picture that he intends to walk down the aisle someday, adding that in spite of his affection for her, she’s messing up.

There is a girl I want to marry now. I love her but she’s now acting up. She’s been talking too much since I became famous, and I don’t like it. I genuinely wish things work out between us, but things didn’t go as planned, I would move on,” the father of two stated.

Portable further spoke about his female admirers, as he made it known that her has always been the ladies’ man even before he came into the limelight.

“I have many girlfriends, and they have been following me because of my glory. Funnily, these ladies have been with me before I became famous. I’ve always been having ladies flock around me, who often express their admiration for me,” he added.

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