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The Role of the Writer in Political Reform



Chido Nwakanma

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Nigeria is in the throes of change. Change was the mantra of the ruling party as it swept into office in 2015. Since then, change has buffeted it and the country from various directions, mainly in the areas where it promised to deliver positives. These are the economy, security and the state of the nation.

Nigerians have experienced negative changes in all three areas. Nigerians now clamour for reform, beginning with the structural foundation of the country.

The writer is an intellectual or anyone who deals in and with ideas.”An intellectual is a person who engages in critical thinking, research, and reflection about the reality of society, who may also propose solutions for the normative problems of society, and thus gains authority as a public intellectual” – Wikipedia

Writers fit into this schema. For political engagement, we adopt a broad definition of the writer as an intellectual.

Noam Chomsky asserts, “It is the responsibility of intellectuals to speak the truth and expose lies.” Chomsky says that faced with apparent lies, outrages and oppression, “intellectuals should follow the path of integrity wherever it may lead” His umbrella for intellectuals takes in”journalists, academics, artists, even clergy.”

Good writers have well-defined vision and mission statements though primarily unstated. It often includes participation in the conversations about the past, present and future of their countries. It is a primary reason for writing.

Even the Christian Holy Book recognises the role of the writer in visioning. Seven instances will do.

  1. Habakkuk 2:2. Then the LORD answered me and said: “Write the vision And make it plain on tablets, That he may run who reads it”
  2. Romans 15:4 “For everything that was written in the past was written for our instruction so that through endurance and the encouragement of the Scriptures, we might have hope.”
  3. Revelation 1:19. Therefore, write down the things you have seen, and the things that are, and the things that will happen after this.
  4. Deuteronomy 27:8. And you shall write distinctly upon these stones all the words of this la”.

The story outlives us all, both writer and reader. Chinua Achebe famously stated that the writer’s role is to teach and provide guidance for the people. “…only the story…can continue beyond the war and the warrior. It is the story that outlives the sound of war drums and the exploits of brave fighters. It is the story…that saves our progeny from blundering like blind beggars into the spikes of the cactus fence. The story is our escort; without it, we are blind.

Does the blind man own his escort? No, neither do we the story; rather, it is the story that owns us and directs us. –Chinua Achebe, Anthills of the Savannah (1987)

The writer is a teacher, mentor and mobiliser. He plays a critical and significant role in the brave new world of communication on multiple platforms. UNESCO in 1980 listed several functions of communication. They align with the part of the writer.

These functions of communication are information., socialisation, motivation, debate and discussion. Others are education, cultural promotion, entertainment and integration.

Socialisation provides a common fund of knowledge that enables people to operate as influential members of the society they live in, fostering social cohesion and awareness, thereby permitting active involvement in public life. Through debate and discussion, the media enable the provision and exchange of facts to facilitate an agreement or clarify differing viewpoints on general issues; the supply of relevant evidence needed to foster greater widespread interest and involvement in all local, national and international matters of common concern. The Integration function refers to providing all persons, groups, and nations access to the various messages they need to know and understand each other and appreciate others’ living conditions, viewpoints, and aspirations.

The many communication tasks speak to its significance in the modern world, made more so by the diversity of platforms and players feeding the pool.

Communication is central and contributory to the effective functioning of communities and nation-states.

The quality and qualify of information people share directly affects their well-being. Communication counts in peace and war. Sean McBride, Canadian and president of the International Commission for the Study of Communication Problems, envisioned the scope of communication. He stated, “As communication is so central to all social, economic and political activity at community, national and international levels, I would paraphrase H. G. Wells and say human history becomes more and more a race between communication and catastrophe. Full use of communication in all its varied strands is vital to ensure that humanity has more than a history, that our children are ensured a future.”

Experts and lay citizens alike point to the tone, content and quantity of information between and against the Hutus and Tutus as contributory to the Rwandan genocide. Nigeria is going through a period of passionate disagreements among citizens representing different persuasions. Writers are in the mix.

In the past, the call would be on editors to up their gatekeeping function. The barriers have lowered because of the diversity of platforms, and now almost everyone creates and distributes content.

Therefore, the call is to everyone who creates or shares content on all the media of this age: WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, GooglePlus, print, radio, television. Exercise circumspection as you write on the trending issues. Do not join the mob spreading fake news or propaganda. The scientist Isaac Newton reportedly stated, “Tact is the art of making a point without making an enemy”.

The writers and editors of Nigeria must craft content that makes the point for each side without making enemies.

By Chido Nwakanma

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INEC Votes Technology in a Season of Untruth, By Okoh Aihe



INEC Votes Technology in a Season of Untruth, By Okoh Aihe

While our law makers were voting for a journey to the past penultimate week, by turning their back on modern technology in the conduct of elections, two significant things happened one after the other. Richard Branson went to the edge ofspace aboard Virgin Galatico’sSpaceShip Two on July 11, 2021.  Nine days later, on July 20, the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos was on his way up there, on a journey the world has tagged the race of the billionaires.

In between, the National Assembly took a vote on the Electoral Amendment Bill and voted against the transmission of election results by electronic means. It was a major disappointment for some non –government organisatriiosns (NGOs) and some Nigerians who had prayed for the National Assembly to disappoint them by doing something that is good, by voting yes, just this once, to redeem some of their very deplorable image. It has been fire literally and the nation is aghast with anger. In July 2021, the law makers said some parts of the country are so underdeveloped in terms of telecom infrastructure rollout that it was not possible to execute any electronic transmission of election results. And a particular one boasted irritably that he uses Thuraya phone in his village. And that Thuraya cannot transmit data?

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But let’s return to the billionaires. Those ambitious guys with lots of bucks to throw around –Jeff Bezos ($209.2bn) and Richard Branson ($4.7bn) who are spinning the next frontier of business into reality by organizing space tourism where a rider could pay as much as $250, 000 for a seat, if you decide to go with Virgin Galatico.

So, why am I linking the serious matter of space to the burlesque at the National Assembly? Just to say that the world is moving on. People are planning every day and whether we decide to remain on the same spot in this part of the world and continue to quarrel with providence for doing us wrong, life must go on and people must still go the edge of space to behold the beauty and fragility of the earth from up there. But that is life. You will have those who fly high and those who fly very low, struggling for the base concerns of life. Our politicians make the world hold us in ridicule.

Anyway, in trying to unshroud the entire process, the National Assembly invited the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), regulator of the telecommunications industry, and the Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) who is in charge of election matters in the country. As it turned only the NCC went to the Assembly as INEC said it never really got any official invitation.

NCC has made its submission which outraged a number of people but INEC has responded indirectly through several media appearances of its officials to the effect that it had the capacity to go the way of technology in conducting elections,having received assurances from service providers. While NCC vacillated and tilted towards impossibility the data on ground and previous statements from the Commission put a lie to such submission. The Commission’s position has been fact-checked and incredulity is preponderant.

“We were bewildered by the NCC position because these were the same compatriots that had worked with us,” said Nick Dazang, INEC’s Director of Publicity and Voter Education, on AIT KAKAAKI programme.

Dazang observed there were inconsistencies in the amended Bill. How do you do electronic voting and remove electronic transmission of results? It is counterproductive.

He admitted that there were security challenges across the country but INEC has had to face some of these challenges in the past to organize elections that were acceptable. According to his story which is so well known to most people above the age of 10 in Nigeria, there has been insurgency in the North East since 2011. In all these years elections have been conducted in the States of the Region without fail.

“If we could develop a template to conduct elections there, why can’t we transmit results using technology?” he asked.

There continues to be disbelief within INEC just as it is in the larger Nigerian society. People are angry why our politicians in the National Assembly, a majority are smiling over a potentially dangerous move, trying to justify a position that is dismally selfish and only aimed at political preservation into the future.

In the sordid tragic-comic story, some stakeholders, especially the operators, have remained silent. So silent that even when they have been told that the network they have built in over two decades didn’t have the appetite for modern transmission, none of them has said anything.

When this writer reached out to some operators over the weekend, one official said: “I do not understand why NCC will give 2018 numbers. Why would they do that when the operators supply the regulator all the latest data? I don’t want to accept that NCC sounds political.”

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But do you have the capacity to do it, to carry the election results through your network backbone? The source was cautious explaining that there is no city in the country that has hundred percent coverage, just as there can hardly be any environment where there is no coverage at all. “Anywhere without a coverage may not have significant population otherwise an operator would put a base station there so as to provide services and make money.” Although everybody is expected to vote and the votes counted, the source maintained that such population may not be significant enough to affect the outcome of the elections.

Simple answer. Yes, we have the capacity and capability, but know that even in the cities there are blind spots where such electronic transmission may not be possible. The source also explained that operators were ready at any time to be informed of such environments so that they can escalate their service deployment.

The source expressed the fear that what is playing out at the National Assembly may have little to do with technology but more of the concealed agenda of the politicians who would never have moments to reflect on how low their image has plummeted.

The Nigerian politician is only concerned about tomorrow which may be too far for his aspirations. So in a fit to shore up the impossible he piles untruth on technology, so that he can continue to live in the shadow of sin. The politician wants to eat up the future so as to set the teeth of his children on edge. How very ironic. Unfortunately the younger generation are too smart for their old tricks, and will fight to redeem their future, using that same technology.


Okoh Aihe writes from Abuja.

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Why There Might Be No 2023 Elections – Dele Sobowale



Why There Might Be No 2023 Elections – Dele Sobowale

“All political parties die, at last, of swallowing their own lies.”

J. Arbuthnot, 1667-1735, VANGUARD BOOK OF QUOTATIONS, VBQ p 191.


The sermon last week was about PDP reaping the whirl-wind of elected members decamping from the wind Obasanjo sowed from 2001 to 2007. Anybody in the All Progressives Congress, APC, who is rejoicing is akin to a man whose boat, unknown to him, has sprung a big leak, who is laughing at occupants of another boat bailing out water. Only providence can prevent the two boats from sinking. PDP and APC have, in many respects, become two sides of the same fake dollar bill. Many of those now shouting at the top of their voices in APC today were once proud card-carrying members of PDP. Granted, only few current PDP chieftains crossed over from APC, yet, Governor Obaseki decamped from APC and moved straight to the top of the PDP structure in Edo State.

Only a dunce will waste too much time or thought on which party our politicians belong to. Perhaps, it might help if we regard all of them belonging to a party called APPDPC. Don’t ask me what those letters stand for. When you live in a country whose political leadership consists of people who mostly cling to “Politics without principles”, then the labels mean very little. In fact they dont mean anything – except an excuse to seize power and loot the treasury.

The PDP lasted only sixteen years in government despite the desperate effort to receive stolen mandates in a bid to secure a devilish third term. The plan ended in ignominious defeat. The main architect and expected beneficiary is now sitting on a hill top mansion dispensing advice and wisdom which he failed to practice when in Aso Rock – consulting with demons who Reuben Abati informed us are resident there. The APC is sinking so fast that it is a safe bet that it might not survive beyond the Buhari presidency. At any rate, after eight years of atrocious performance by the FG what will APC have to tell Nigerians to win in a free and fair election? Obviously, unless elections are rigged in 2023, APC has very little chance for survival. Buhari, who provided the glue holding the party together, is going home. So, with defeat starring them in the face, the temptation will be strong to scuttle the 2023 elections altogether. Don’t dismiss it.



“APC national convention under threat, party postpones congresses indefinitely.” News Report, July 11, 2021.

Behind that report buried inside a national newspaper lies the fact that the alliance of incompatible political elements which formed the APC in 2013 has been destroyed; and the semblance of a party exists now only on paper. The APC conceived and given birth in 2013 is dead. The parties to the coalition merely lack the guts, the wisdom and the exit plans for it to crumble.

The Caretaker Committee, a body which is not recognised by the party’s constitution, masks the fact that the APC had finally become a one-man show. President Buhari calls all the shots. He unilaterally appointed the members of the Committee and approves their measures with scant regard for the views of anybody else in the party. That was not how the APC was supposed to be run. But, APC did not become a one-man show after the fall of Adams Oshiomole. It became a sole property of Buhari right from the minute former President Jonathan called to congratulate the newly-elected President. Right there and then, APC members started swallowing the first of several lies. Here are is one.

LIE 1: “The Party is supreme..” That would imply that the framers of the APC constitution expected the President to consult widely, at least with the leaders of the party, when making very important decisions. I recollect asking four of the leaders in 2014 if the members actually believed that Buhari would accept party supremacy if elected. The answer was the same. The man has accepted democratic rule and party politics. He promised he will be guided by the party. And, we believe him. He is a man of integrity.” Or words to that effect.

“Scepticism is the first attribute of a good critic.” Lowell, 1819-1891.


I was not convinced. It is one of the most abiding lessons of history that habit is usually stronger than reason – especially after the age of 50. All the members of the coalition were hanging their hopes on the possibility that a 70+ years old man would discard his deeply ingrained instincts and become a born again apostle of democracy. The first twenty appointments Buhari made, could not have been so lopsided in Northern, Fulani, Daura appointees if the party was consulted. Thus, on the very first important decision he made, it was clear that party supremacy had been thrown into the dust bin even before the government got underway.

LIE 2: “He will change his approach as he progresses towards implementing the party’s manifesto.” That was the response of two of the Southern leaders when I asked if they were consulted before the lopsided first appointments. They were wrong. Buhari paid only lip-service to the manifesto.

LIE 3: “A political party deserves the approbation of [Nigerians] only as it represents the ideals, the aspirations and the hopes of [the people]. If it is anything else, it is merely a conspiracy to seize power.”


US President Dwight Eisenhower, November 7, 1956. (Amended).

The APC, in its manifesto, deceived Nigerians in 2015 and 2019 that it would represent their ideals and hopes for a better society. Among the false promises made in its manifesto were the following:

· to create at least one million new jobs every year….Create additional middle class of at least 1 million home owners in our first year in government and 1 million annually there after….



No need to list seriatim all the other lies packed into the manifesto. All Nigerians need to know is that Buhari, after building “world class hospitals” at home, now patronises “inferior hospitals” in London every time. Furthermore, instead of creating one million additional middle class annually, Buhari has been creating approximately 5 million more destitutes annually. Under his watch, roughly 40 million more people will sink below the global poverty line. If only half of the promises made on security in the deceptive manifesto were redeemed bandits and kidnappers would not be holding 1000 kids and driving farmers from the land. And, nobody would have dared to shoot down an Air Force jet.

Nigeria is now being governed as if this is a Banana Republic headed by a Confusionist-In-Chief. Yeye dey smell!!

The failure of this government is so colossal that it will require two other governments to clean up the mess and get us out of the debt trap into which they have led us. Only the most incorrigible liars, in a party full of them, can reasonably expect the party to win a free and fair election in 2023. Here is why.


LIE 4: “A secret is best kept if it is between two people with one dead.”

The greatest threat to the existence of APC was revealed recently by Alhaji Hanga, an ex-Chairman of the Congress for Progressive Change, CPC, headed by Buhari. According to Hanga, “there was implicit agreement Buhari will hand over to Tinubu.” That conspiracy formed the basis of their forming the coalition which others joined. Buhari had sought to discharge his obligations under the agreement when he first proposed Tinubu as his running mate in 2014. It was the national outcry against a Muslim-Muslim ticket which scuttled that plan.

Tinubu mostly bank-rolled the APC for the 2015 elections; and his print and electronic media, as well as his political organisation delivered the South West votes massively. It is widely believed that he intends to hold Buhari to his promise. That, however, is one of the reasons why there might be no election in 2023. Anybody supported by Buhari will be difficult to “sell” to voters – after the atrocious performance of the last six years – and fears of worse to come. Yet, Buhari will not endorse any candidate who is not prepared to lie about his performance in office. Buhari’s endorsement will amount to a kiss of death.


LIE 5: “The most obstinate illusions are ultimately broken by facts.”

T. Roper, 1914-2003, VANGUARD BOOK OF QUOTATIONS, VBQ p 100.

Perhaps the most important reason why there might be no election in 2023 lies in the inescapable break-up of the APC. The Interim Caretaker Committee has done its best; but it has failed to repair the cracks within the party in every state. Kwara State serves as proxy for most other states where congresses might not be concluded peacefully. Lai Mohammed, Minister of Information, is now an outcast from the mainstream of the party in Kwara. For him, it is a matter of life or death. As things stand right now, political death stares Lai in the face. He will not go down quietly without a brutal fight — in any form imaginable.

Federal Ministers from at least ten states are also at war with the rank and file of the party in their states. APC will most likely repeat the mistakes which led to the loss of Rivers and Zamfara in 2019 – all over Nigeria.

Lastly, there can be no credible congresses or conventions or elections in Borno, Kaduna, Katsina, Zamfara, Niger, Kebbi and perhaps Yobe states – among others. Unless there is a drastic change in security, INEC will find it difficult to recruit officers to conduct elections in several states. The combination of imminent APC defeat and insecurity points to the fact that no credible election can be held in 2023. Rather than lose honourably, the APC will throw the country into confusion. There after, anything can happen.




“FG created, saved 2m jobs through economic sustainability plan –OSINBAJO.

News Report, July 7, 2021.

Nobody can take politics as a profession and be honest – not even if you were once a Pastor. Two million jobs mean 54,000 jobs per state and the Federal Capital Territory. Just ask the Vice President to provide the list of beneficiaries of this plan; and wait for the response. You will receive no reply and no list to substantiate the claim. I just wish that men of God will stay in the churches or mosques. Everyone venturing into Nigerian politics gets stained. It is difficult to spend so much time with Devil’s Angels without losing virtue.

“Agric subsidy: Farmers fault FG, govt claims six million operators registered.”

The FG claimed to have registered six million farmers. The All Farmers Association of Nigeria’s President said: “I am not aware of any of such and we have not been registered. We are not part of what they are doing.” I asked at least 24 bid time farmers if they were registered. None has heard of the exercise. End of story. “Liars ought to have good memories.” Algernon Sidney, 1622-1683.

Attachments area

Reintroduce the teaching of Nigerian History and Civics in all secondary schools…Offer free and quantitative primary and secondary education to all.

· Increase the quality of all Federal Government owned hospitals to world class standard within five years…

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Thank You Governor Wike By Dele Sobowale



Thank You Governor Wike By Dele Sobowale

“Mr President, , you are the Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. You appoint the IGP. You appoint the Chief of Army Staff, Chief of Naval Staff, the Commissioners of Police, the Director of Department of State Security and other heads of security. Which one do we appoint? How can people appointed by Mr President be under me?


Governor Nyesson Wike, of Rivers State responding to President Major-General Muhammadu Buhari [rtd]’s call on governors to protect their people.

Increasingly, Governor Wike is emerging as the Governor-leader of the Southern States during Buhari’s misrule. He has two predecessors who have written their names in gold into the history of Nigeria since independence in 1960 – late Chief Obafemi Awolowo, former Premier of the old Western Region and Obong Victor Attah, former Governor of Akwa Ibom State. It is an extra-ordinary achievement for any public figure to be ranked with those two. They all have demonstrated three qualities which are rare in Nigeria – courage, quest for justice and rare vision for the development of the political entity they governed.

To be honest, I least gave Wike a chance to emerge as one of the heroes of this era. His open antagonism to the former Governor of Rivers State, Rotimi Amaechi, who first brought him into lime-light, when the latter had his disagreement with the Jonathans, was to me excessive and smacked of ingratitude. That is one characteristic I don’t approve of even if the victim is my worst enemy. I thought he could have handled that situation better.

READ ALSO: Wike Compensates Family Of Slain Soldiers, Policemen With N200m


“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr,

Once he was elected Governor, I opened a new Fact File on the man. Until then, even as Minister, he was somebody’s glorified errand boy – however that role might be perceived by others. He was from that day the Chief Executive Officer, CEO, with the authority to act on his own and be held accountable for his words and deeds. Governors of three South South zones, whether they are conscious of it or not, compete for leadership in the zone and command the most attention – Akwa Ibom, Delta and Rivers. Among the 1999-2007 set of Governors, Attah was by far the leader of leaders. That was partly what made his struggle for a fairer deal for oil-producing states so successful. He published the book ATTAH ON RESOURCE CONTROL demanding for a higher percentage on derivation; supported the quest with adequate financial resources and won 13.5 per cent instead of 1.5 per cent for all the Niger Delta States. Since Attah’s departure, no other Governor had stepped up to lead the South South – until now.

To begin with Wike had a different battle to fight than Attah. The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, was in power at Abuja and was in the majority during Attah’s tenure. The party had lost control of the Federal Government by the time Wike came to the helm. The PDP was (is) still in disarray. New leadership was needed if the party was to survive till the next election. Wike provided the support required to ensure that a two-party system exists today in Nigeria. Granted, it is not as easy to discern how monumental that achievement was, because there are no metrics to measure the value of democracy, unlike 13.5 per cent. But, I pray we don’t lose our freedoms to those now wanting to gag the Nigerian media. Then, we will join hands in building monuments for Wike for keeping hope alive. He could have decamped as other dishonourable elected Governors have done. But, he stood firm and provided leadership.


“Ideas are capital; the rest is just money.”

Wike became Governor when the golden Age of Oil had come to an end. He was not Governor when the price of crude was over $120 per barrel. He arrived just in time to see it tumble to under $60 per barrel. To be quite candid, there was nothing to suggest that he would come anywhere near the known achievements of his predecessor in office. That was exactly where he never ceases to amaze me. Apparently working on the basis of his own prudential guidelines, he had managed the financial resources of the state better than any civilian Governor – even before Bayelsa was carved out of Rivers. He will certainly leave more lasting legacies than any of them.

How do I know? With the exception of 2020, Rivers has been the third most visited state for me since I first stepped there in 1974. Most of the developments occurred right “in front of my eyes” – so to speak. Furthermore, I have the largest network of friends and informants in the state. They tell me the truth which politicians want hidden. By all objective standards Wike has performed creditably. Yet, Rivers has far less debt to service than poor cousins – Cross River and Edo states in same zone.



“Once to every man and nation comes the moment to decide; in the strife of truth and falsehood, for the good or evil side.” J R Lowell, 1819-1891.

Attah called it RESOURCE CONTROL and I agreed with him totally. Others call it RESTRUCTURING of TRUE FEDERALISM and to me we are engaging in semantics; all are synonyms for the same form of government. Incidentally, one recent event has thrown into clear relief the difference between the FG and the entire South – Open Grazing. Buhari’s position, including the earnest search for grazing routes which don’t exist in the South, has revealed the deliberate attempt at internal colonisation. Since 2015, Fulani herdsmen had moved in droves to the South; destroying farms, killing people, raping women, abducting people. The FG had ignored the growing menace. With Buhari’s open support for the vandals, Southerners have come to realise that Fulanis want to seize their lands and colonise it.

The position of 16 Southern Governors (minus the outcast in Osun State) has called for a leader. Granted, we are still just shouting across the North/South divide. But, if the conflict is escalated, the South needs a reliable leader. In that connection if strangers from another clime were to tell me “Take us to your leader.” There is only one place to take them now – Wike’s Office, Portharcourt.

Before, and after, the Southern Governors’ Declaration, Wike has been the most consistent and vocal leader of the South. Being a member of the PDP might make it easier; but, it is not the entire explanation. I strongly believe that the man has guts — the great courage, which is the rarest of all human attributes.

On the issues in contention now, where he goes I will gladly follow.



“Better a declared enemy than a doubtful ally.” Napoleon Bonaparte, 1769-1821.

In the entire South today, only two Governors speak out loud and clear about the injustices visited on the South, now made worse under Buhari – Wike and Akeredolu. The rest exhibiting various shades of cowardice apparently are willing to sacrifice their people to please the transient holder of power in Abuja.

First, Southerners will write the obituaries of those who want to turn our ancestral lands into cattle ranch for strangers. Second, those who are in position to lead the struggle now, and fail, have already started their retreat into oblivion.


“WORSENING INSECURITY: Kaduna, Benue, Niger, Borno struggle over three million IDPs.” News Report, June 27, 2021.

The report went on to point out that Borno State alone is struggling with 1,000,007 people in Internally Displaced Persons Camps. Altogether, four states out of thirty-six in Nigeria now account for more officially recognised destitute persons than one quarter of the member nations of the United Nations Organisation, UNO. There are hundreds of thousands more still undiscovered and uncounted. There might be a couple of millions more as bandits sack more Northern communities in Zamfara, Katsina and Kebbi States.

When in February last year, the deposed Emir of Kano proclaimed that “the North will destroy itself”, I published an article titled “The North has already destroyed itself.” Today, before recalling parts of that column, I want to ask a question. “Who now is in any doubt that the North has destroyed itself?”

Already, two pillars of a modern society, agriculture and education, on which rest civilization and development have been set back by more than twenty years since Buhari became President. And, the self-destruction is just beginning.

On education, let me remind “Fellow Nigerians” – especially the Northern elite who are not yet aware of the calamity ahead of them a message from 2020..


“We have been saying this for 20 to 30 years. If the North does not change, the North will destroy itself. The country is moving on. The quota system that everybody talks about must have a sunset clause.”

The Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II, PUNCH, February 19, 2020.

The Emir of Kano is leading the pack of modern Northern thinkers and leaders who can now see the handwriting on the wall. But, even he is hesitant to go the full distance to tell his fellow Northerners the truth. He talks as if the destruction of the North is something still to occur. That is totally false. At least from the standpoint of economic development, the North has already destroyed itself. It only remains for it to destroy the South as well. That is a distinct possibility within the next three years as Buhari takes the nation deeper into the debt trap.

“EDUCATION. If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilisation, it expects what never was and never will be. US President Thomas Jefferson 1816. “

Many of the Northern children, still in school, will certainly not return next year. The “leaders of tomorrow” have become the losers today. They have nobody to blame but their “brothers” – the bandits, the kidnappers and the official collaborators.

On agriculture, read the words of a sage. “FARMING. Burn down your cities and leave your farms, and your cities will spring up again as if by magic; but, destroy your farms and the grass will grow in the streets of every city in the country. William Jennings Bryant. 1896.”

The North was making its money from agriculture and was poised to become the major revenue earner for Nigeria as the Age of Oil gradually comes to an end. The stigma of “parasite” would have been removed. It will not happen any time soon – if at all in our life time. The same Northern vandals have turned back the hand of the clock for decades. At least 70 per cent of those now in IDPs were farmers; they fed themselves and the rest of us. Now about 2.1 million of them are asking for hand-outs from governments.

But, Nigerians were warned last year. Read again the warning which was ignored in Abuja and observe where we are now. The North is finished.

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