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Idriss Déby: 10 Facts You Should Know About The Late President Of Chad



Idriss Déby: What To Know About The Late Chad President

In the early hours of Tuesday, Idriss Déby, the seating President of the Republic of Chad passed away.

This was earlier reported by NEWSRAND.

He died at the age of 68, as Chadians and others around the world mourn his passing, Newsrand presents below 10 things you should know about the deceased:

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  1. Idriss Déby was born on 18th of June 1952 to a poor herder, in the village of Berdoba in northern Chad, who belongs to the Bidayat clan of the Zaghawa community.
  2. After acquiring his bachelor’s degree in science, he was sent to France through the officers’ school in N’Djamena for training which he returned back in 1976 with a professional pilot certificate.
  3. He has been married several times with the prominent being his marriage to Hinda in September 2005, in which the marriage drew much attention over tribal affiliations, as many saw the marriage as a strategy for Deby to gain support from his people while being pressured by rebels.
  4. In 1982, after Hissène Habré became the president, Deby was made commander-in-chief of the army, in which he was distinguished by destroying pro-Libyan forces in eastern Chad. Habre then sent him back to France for further training and was made chief military advisor to the presidency on his arrival.
  5. He took over power by leading a rebellion against President Hissène Habré in December 1990, after Habré was found responsible for “widespread political killings, systematic torture, and thousands of arbitrary arrests.
  6. In March 2006 there was an attempted coup d’état on Deby, involving the shooting down of his plane.
  7. Faced with a growing threat from Boko Haram, Idriss Déby increases Chad’s participation in the Multinational Joint Task Force (MNJTF), a combined multinational formation comprising units from Niger, Nigeria, Benin, and Cameroon, in which in 2015 Déby claims that the MNJTF has successfully decapitated Boko Haram.
  8. Déby also signed a diplomatic relationship with Isreal in 2019 as part of a revolution.
  9. According to reports by the army, Déby died on April 20, 2021, while commanding his army against rebels calling themselves FACT in the north of Chad during the Northern Chad offensive, at the age of 68.
  10. Déby is rumored to have at least 12 children, with his 37-year-old son, Mahamat Idriss Deby Itno, set to replace him.

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Where would deregulated broadcasting be without Tom Adaba?, By Okoh Aihe



Tom adaba

By the time my friend, Mark Ojia, sent me an electronic invite to Prof. Aaze Tom Adaba’s 80th Birthday penultimate week, I was busy on my desk reviewing an interview I had with him in 2003, with only one question popping up in my head: where would deregulated broadcasting be today without a Dr Tom Adaba? You know, just like the woodpecker hitting his head over and over again on a dying tree expecting a different outcome but what he gets is the same: a repeated noise over the distance. But in my own case what is welling up inside of me is even more befuddling than an echo. I do not want to slip into dystopia and chaotic helplessness.

Oh, a little confusion up there. Doctor. Professor. In 1992, the prefix he enjoyed was Doctor but now some academic up scaling has nested on him a more befitting prefix – Professor. His life hasn’t been on ice, dear friends. That is just by the way. But it is the happenings within the intervening period of 29 years that have fixated one question in my system: where would deregulated broadcasting be today without a Dr. Tom Adaba?

The times we are in ascribe more importance and ferocity to the question. It was a military government in 1992. As I write this material bending over my computer, very blankly sometimes, my auguries tell me that we are under a civilian administration. Auguries in the sense that what is happening in our nation right now is “beyond belief”. That is the title of the stage show I watched in Sun City nearly two decades ago. It was pure abracadabra. A damn good show but once the show was over, just beyond the curtain call, the stars who came from different parts of the world, returned to their ordinariness.

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So, how real can this world be? That a democratic government is spinning out more anti people Bills than the soldiers of yore although this government can actually be a mirror image of an episode in the life of this nation? Like affliction returning a second time? That there is an NBC Amendment Bill which seeks to invalidate the independence of deregulated broadcasting, emasculate the operators and destroy the social media platforms? And that years after being one of the major weapons used in wresting power from the colonialists and then the military, the Press will face the biggest battle of their life because of obnoxious and surrogate bills against their independence by a civilian administration? Or that one would wake up one Monday morning in July 2021 to find out that the Press had to alert attention to the seething but very fiendish fire burning within the nation’s democratic system by masking the front pages which metaphorically conjure a dark era of orchestrated silence? Information Blackout, they all cried, thanks to the NUJ, NGE and NPAN. Or that under this administration a Broadcasting Code was released on July 4, 2019, which has attracted about fifteen cases filed against the regulator for acts unfavourable to deregulated broadcasting?

What really is happening in this land and how does somebody even attempt to provide answers without feeling betrayed by a system that we all worked for, at least in holding the country together, and ensuring that civilians remain in government in spite of their excesses?

At 80, how does Adaba feel about the country’s broadcast industry? The broadcast industry was deregulated by Decree No. 38 of 1992, which has now become an act of Parliament, National Broadcasting Commission Act CAP N11, Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 2004. Before deregulation, broadcasting remained in the strong arms of government who occasionally used it to legitimize violence, especially in the execution of military coups. Those who worked at NTA and Radio Nigeria would perhaps still remain scared witnesses of some of those horrible days when soldiers would break into live studios to make their own broadcast. In one particular instance, gun shots could still be heard by listeners as one strong voice was shouting that everything was under control!

This was the period Adaba came to the NBC as the pioneer head of the regulatory body. The director from NTA had no bridges. He had to build his bridges. He had only the Decree in his hand without the needed staff to operate it. Adaba had to put his pioneer staff together. Very enthusiastic staff they turned out to be. Long in the knowledge of Broadcasting but very short in regulatory experience. But he cobbled them together to achieve needed results. There were mistakes but the mistakes were quickly corrected to build an enduring foundation for a new industry.

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You may not like Gen. Ibrahim Babangida because of the complex dribbling in the political transition he put in place and the cataclysm that became the attendant result, but he knew how to get the right talent to do a good job. Adaba was a perfect fix at the NBC. Plus his experience at the NTA, he had the added benefit of leading the African Council for Communication and Education (ACCE) based in Nairobi, Kenya, from 1976 to 1980. He would eventually confess that in Nairobi he saw the problems of broadcasting in Africa and longed for an opportunity to make direct interventions. President Babangida gave Adaba that opportunity as the pioneer head of the NBC and he seized it with both hands.

“I was the first Nigerian to have been elected president of the ACCE. It was really in this council that I was further exposed to the problems of broadcasting in Africa, and when I came into the NBC, I looked at it too as a challenge; that as a regulatory body we are supposed to know all the terrains of broadcasting, all the nuances, all the difficulties, all the problems and all the progress of broadcasting in Nigeria,” Adaba explained. He needed to resolve all these challenges in order to build a base for his aspirational growth plan for the new regulatory body.

It was Adaba’s lot to issue the first set of broadcast licenses in the country to test the waters, literally, and see whether there would be brave hearts determined enough to dare the bellicosity of the government stations and their arrogant heads, and invest in the industry. He encouraged some of the licensees and guided them into fruition. Where would broadcasting be without a Dr. Tom Adaba as the pioneer head of the NBC?

The soldiers gave Nigerians a deregulated broadcast sector. They were stubborn but Adaba found a way around them. Today the civilians are troubling the sector with archaic laws and obnoxious regulatory capture. This shouldn’t be the industry of Dr. Adaba’s dream in the 90s. Without doubt he gave his best at the time and we wish him well.

By Okoh Aihe

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Football Analysis: Euro 2020 Finals, Italy Vs England



Football Analysis: Euro 2020 Finals, Italy Vs England

The stage is set for the Euro 2020 finals, as Italy will face off against England at the Wembley Stadium, London, England.

The tournament is without thrills, highlights, and talking points, and no two teams more deserving than Italy and England.

The game will kick off by 20:00 West African Time.

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Both teams have not recorded any loss yet in the tournament, with the Three Lions only conceding a single goal so far, at the previous stage against Denmark.

England would be looking to win their first Euro trophy at their home stadium.


The last time these two squared off in a competitive match, was at the 2014 World Cup, with The Blues holding higher grounds in a 2 -1 victory.

England last won Italy in tournament competition in November 1977 at the FIFA World Cup.

Southgate’s team is placed above Italy in the FIFA rankings, ranked 4th and 7th respectively.

UEFA Euro 2020 Form:

Both side’s performance this season is without blemish, as not a single team so far has seen a win over them.

Denmark still remains the only country to put a goal past Jordan Pickford, as England has managed to stay defensively solid.

Attack-wise, Mancini’s team has the advantage, scoring 11 goals in the Euro 2020, in 90 mins game.

Players To Watch Out For:

Harry Kane:

When it comes to scoring, there is no stopping Kane, as England’s captain already has 4 goals in the Euro, one short of the tournament leader with the Euro 2020 Finals on the way.

Kane has also shown aside from scoring he can also create chances and assists.

The Premier League 2020/21 top scorer is very good in the air, strong with the ball, good shot power and accuracy as he can put the ball past any keeper from any range.

Lorenzo Insigne:

Insigne has shown what he is capable of, with two goals in the competition, he is one of the finest players Italy has to offer.

The Napoli captain scored a brilliant goal against Belgium in the Quater Finals.

He is creative with the ball, and if there is anyone to break the England backmen, you can count on him.

Newsrand Prediction:

NEWSRAND predicts that the trophy will be coming home for England.

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Football Analysis: Euro 2020, Belgium Vs Italy



Football Analysis: Euro 2020, Belgium Vs Italy

The Euro 2020 Quarter-Finals begin today, with Switzerland to face Spain, and Later on, Italy and Belgium square off.

The match between Belgium and Italy is tipped off to be the biggest game in this current stage.

Kick-off time is stamped at 20:00 West African Time.

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Both teams are yet to be beaten in the tournament winning 4 for 4 in the Euro 2020.

Mancini’s side has not conceded a single goal in 90minutes at the tournament, having one of the best records so far.

Their determination would be tested as they face the number one FIFA-ranked team in the world.

Belgium would be looking to win their first-ever UEFA European Championship.


The last time the two teams met was in the 2016 EURO, with Italy winning the game 2-0.

Belgium last won Italy in a competitive match in the 1972 UEFA European Championship, and that is the only time the side ended triumphantly.

UEFA Euro 2020 Form:

Both sides have shown no stopping in this year’s competition, as they have managed to demolish all teams that face them.

Defensively, it is solid from the two as they have managed to only concede a single goal each in four matches.

Italy has shown more prowess going forward scoring nine goals, ahead of Roberto Martinez’s team who have scored eight.

Players To Watch Out For:

Both clubs have no shortage of players with the likes of De Bruyne, Hazard, Carrasco for Belgium.

Jorginho, Immobile, Donnarumma for Italy.

Romelu Lukaku:

With three goals already in the competition, there is no stopping Lukaku as he is already in contention for the Balon d’Or.

He is strong when with the ball, deadly with his left foot, good in the air, and good pace.

Lorenzo Insigne:

Although he has a single goal to his name in the tournament, he makes up for it in his creativity.

Insigne has shown consistency over the years in his football, a very good attacking player with a lot of creativity and accuracy.

Newsrand Prediction:

NEWSRAND is predicting a win for Belgium.

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