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U.S. Congress To Deliver Trump Impeachment Charge On Monday



U.S. Congress To Deliver Trump Impeachment Charge On Monday
Donald Trump

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, who displaced McConnell as the chamber’s leader after Democrats won two Georgia runoff elections this month, announced the move on the Senate floor on Friday.

Schumer did not say when Trump’s second impeachment trial would begin.

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The House will deliver the article of impeachment to the Senate. The Senate will conduct a trial of the impeachment of Donald Trump.

”It will be a full trial. It will be a fair trial,” Schumer said on the Senate floor.

That came the morning after McConnell asked the House to delay sending the charges until next Thursday and to agree not to start the trial until mid-February.

The delay was aimed at giving Trump more time to prepare a defense against the charge that he incited insurrection by his followers who stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6.

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“This impeachment began with an unprecedentedly fast and minimal process over in the House,” McConnell said on Friday.

“The sequel cannot be an insufficient Senate process that denies former President Trump his due process or damages the Senate or the presidency itself.”

The moves come as Schumer and McConnell are struggling to assert control in a 50-50 chamber where Democrats now hold a razor-thin majority thanks to Vice President Kamala Harris’ tie-breaking vote.

The trial could distract from Democratic President Joe Biden’s efforts to push an ambitious legislative agenda through Congress.

These include nearly $2 trillion in fresh COVID-19 relief for Americans and U.S. businesses, as well as the need to confirm his Cabinet nominees.

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Trump last week became the first president in U.S. history to be impeached twice.

When the Senate convenes for his trial, he will be the first president to be tried after leaving office, for his alleged role in urging his supporters to storm the Capitol in an attack that left five dead.

Ten House Republicans joined Democrats on Jan. 13 in impeaching him. The support of at least 17 Senate Republicans would be needed to convict him; a separate vote would then be needed to ban him from running for office again.

Such a vote could signal that senior Republicans were eager to remove Trump as the de facto leader of their party; he has said he may seek to run again in 2024.

Trump’s fate ultimately could depend on McConnell, whose position is likely to influence other Republican lawmakers.

The Kentucky Republican said this week that the mob was “fed lies” and “provoked by the president and other powerful people.”


EFCC Confirms Okorocha’s Arrest



EFCC Confirms Okorocha's Arrest

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), has confirmed the arrest of former Imo State governor, Rochas Okorocha.

Addressing the media, the Head of Media and Publicity of the EFCC, Wilson Uwujaren said Okorocha was arrested in Abuja on Tuesday, April 13, 2021.

Uwujaren, however, declined to comment on the reason for the arrest of the Senator representing Imo West Senatorial District.

When asked, the EFCC official said, “It is true, he (Okorocha) was arrested today in Abuja but we are not giving details.”

Okorocha’s latest arrest is coming weeks after operatives of the Imo State Police Command arrested him in February for allegedly unsealing Spring Palm Estate linked to his wife, Nkechi.

Prior to his arrest, the Imo State Government had sealed the estate and other properties it claimed to have been “diverted” by Okorocha and his family members but the Senator has since said the properties were legitimately his own and that of his family members.

The ex-governor has however been at loggerheads with his successor, Hope Uzodinma, who has vowed to recover all “diverted” assets.

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Uzodinma To Igbos: Don’t Lose Hope In Nigeria



Uzodinma To Igbos: Don't Lose Hope In Nigeria

Hope Uzodinma, the Governor of Imo State, has advised the Igbo ethnic group “to jettison every action and activity that would reduce the high stake (their) region has in the country so as to produce the next president of Nigeria.”

Uzodinma said this in Owerri, the Imo State capital when he welcomed his counterparts from the other states of the South-East and stakeholders of the region to its first security summit.

“Igbo are major stakeholders in Nigeria as they constitute the second largest population of every city in Nigeria,” he said.

“Our people have more stake in real estates in virtually all the major cities in the country, our people control the commanding height of commerce all over the country.”

According to the governor, no ethnic group in Nigeria is more united than the Igbo.

“We, the Igbo are more united than any other ethnic nationality in Nigeria, through our shared struggle, our chequered history and our deep-rooted extended family traditions and brotherhood makes our values, beliefs, commitment to a united Nigeria, beyond reproach,” he stated.

Continuing, he revealed that at a time when the peace in the region is threatened by some “dissident groups” who have taken up arms and created the impression that the Igbo want to leave Nigeria to create their own nation called Biafra.

“What Ndigbo wants is justice, equity and fairness. A Nigeria that provides a level playing ground for all citizens. That is what we want, not Biafra. And we believe we can get what we want through constructive and tenacious engagement with fellow Nationals and relevant institutions, not by violence or war. Igbo have seen war, not in storybooks or in movies but real war. No right-thinking Igbo, who experienced the excruciating and devastating effects of the civil war on Igboland and our people, will vote for another war. The young and inexperienced may zealously want to beat the drumbeat of war, but it is our duty, as their parents and elders to talk them out of it.

“Those creating the erroneous impression that Igbo want to leave Nigeria are either naive or mischievous. Igbos need Nigeria just like Nigeria and Nigerians need Igbo,” he added.

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Tinubu Not A Right Candidate For 2023 Election – Newsrand Readers



Tinubu Not A Right Candidate For 2023 Election – Newsrand Readers

There are indications that the National Leader of the All Progressives Congress, (APC) Sen. Bola Ahmed Tinubu will be running for the nation’s highest seat – The Presidency.

When asked if Tinubu was the right choice for Nigerians, and if he would be voted for at the 2023 elections, the majority of Newsrand Readers showed disapproval.

This poll was carried out at NEWSRAND official Twitter handle, with over 74% saying they won’t vote for the former Lagos State Governor if the elections were held.

The former Lagos State Governor who has been showing interest lately in running for the seat in 2023 is clearly not NEWSRAND readers’ choice.

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Tinubu has been linked with controversies lately, with the famous one being the Lekki Toll Gate Shooting.

Many Nigerians believed that he ordered the Tollgate shooting on the 20th of October, in other to protect his investment in the state.

An insignificant amount believe in the rule of Bola Tinubu, as they expressed their support for him.

He is believed to have contributed majorly to the growth of Lagos State.

Tinubu managed a state in which its urbanization rate rapidly increases yearly, out of total dependency on statutory allocations from federal accounts.

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Another reason added as a plus for the Jagaban was how he led a protest with other pro-democratic politicians who believed in the restoration of democracy, to challenge the then-military regime led by the late Gen. Sani Abacha.

Some others ask for options more interesting and vibrant than the Asiwaju of Lagos, as they yearn for  youths to take control of the country.

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